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Eric/Up On One

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Current RSN & Preffered name?

- Up_On_One, my name is Eric tho 


Discord ID? 

- UpOnOne#8602


To the best of your memory, list all previous RSNs:

- Derflop, Chewsy moms, and a few more troll DI name changes that i can't remember lol. 


Country and Timezone?

- Am American, EST time zone


Previous clan & teams? Please be as specific as possible! (List ALL of your history, list your obtained ranking and why you left these clans.)

- Damage Inc - Fall of 2015 -> Spring of 2018.

DI was the only OSRS clan i joined since i started playing OS. They taught me most of what i know when it comes to pvp and i was lucky enough to be offered a Mentor position. Then went on to train other new members for about a year or so. :) 


How did you find us? / Who recruited you?

- Knew about VnG from being in the clan world, Woonscapa definitely was the first to try and recruit me.


List 2 people who are willing to refer you to join the clan. Also, list any others you may know in Vanguard.

- Woonscapa, Mike KF, ChrisC6, Joshpaul


How much PvP experience do you have in P2P? How much PvP experience do you have in F2P?

- Since i've began playing this game in the early 2000's pking has always played a part in my gameplay. As of recently i have p2p and f2p experience from the 2 1/2 years i spent fighting with DI. I also go out alone a lot and mess around at bear and such. 

-I do a lot of pking on my 90 cmb maxed 75 attack pure also (if you got pures hmu)


Why do you want to join Vanguard? (proper reply required)

- Honestly this community seems like one of the only non-toxic one's left and i respect the heck out of that. I also have become pretty lonely since DI closed and i feel like it's time to find a new home.


What will you bring to Vanguard? (proper reply required)

- I've been called RSwiki by many people, so i hope to share my knowledge of this game with whoever wants to listen. 


Do you have a microphone & do you plan to use it?

- Yes and yes


Do you share your account with anyone, if so who?

- Nope


Summary about yourself & your goals: (proper reply required)

- Born and raised New Yorker, i'm loud, sarcastic, but friendly as heck. If at any point you think i'm joking, i probably am lul. Currently working on 2200 total level, because if you can't access every available world are you really even a pker lol?


Come clean: Is there something in your past that might deter us from accepting you? Honesty will get you further than a cover up.

- Honestly no lol, i always strived to stay out of drama and not make a bad name for myself like i've seen many people do. 


Insert screenshots of the following:

  • Combat level and stats: 
  • F4EI3UM.png
  • Your current PvP tab:
  • Godswords, Guthix dhide, and a few other items are in different tabs. 
  • Yourself in our discord server:


Rate each category on a 1-10 scale of preference, 10 being of the highest preference.

  • Skill: 8
  • PvM: 10
  • PvP: 10


Do you understand that after posting this application you will be required to put in effort and activity into the clan, otherwise this application won't go anywhere?

- Yes i do


If your application is to be accepted you will move on to the 2nd step which is the trial process. During this process you need to stay active on discord and forums as much as your time will allow. You need to keep an eye on your discord and forums notifications. Do you acknowledge this?

- Yes


Vanguard is a three faction clan, PvP, PvM and PvE. We aim to thrive in every single faction. Ifaccepted, you will will be required to meet a certain level of performance in PvP and PvM and PvE by the end of your trial process. Do you acknowledge this?

- Yes

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Welcome to Vanguard. You seem like a good addition and a quality member. We expect a lot out of our members but I have no doubt you'll do great things here.

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FINALLY U NOOB. Reffed 347%. Fantastic addition, like I've said before it would be ideal for everyone to get to know this guy. Happy you are here Eric :)


Also @Mike suck my ass for trying to steal my recruit

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13 minutes ago, Nullusion said:



Good luck buddy

You next, pal.

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the lad Eric, so happy to have you aboard buddy!

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Hey there, heard good things about you from your fellow DI pals, shouldn't be any issue good luck sir

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