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Vanguard's Night Out ft. Pd, Lil cards

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Stevie    305


Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord

Vanguard has been wrecking havoc on the clan world recently, and it was no different today. We massed up 20+ strong men and went looking for whatever we could get our hands on. We killed PvMers and small teams alike until running into Lil Cards and scrapping with them for a short period of time before forcing them to bail to edge and remass.

While clearing LC for a second time, Pd came running in with around the same #s, who fought us 1v1 at the NW shortcut for a short amount of time before moving east somewhere. This allowed for a quick feasting on Lil cards (who had just ran back into the fight) for a third time, knowing PD would be back soon fresh on supplies, we took our loot and banked. In hopes of a 1v1 with PD we quickly teleported back up and found PD within the next 15 minutes. Both clans found decent barrage piles, and KO power was high but Vanguard stood tall, pushed onwards and took a lead over the fight in Northeast of the caves, near the 25 minute mark. After one last massive barrage clump, we cleared the few remaining white dots from Lil cards, SV, and PD we took FI in the center of revs, stood around for 2 minutes and claimed decisive victory. 

Shout out to @Starrysenri for hitting 99 attack while slaying lil cards infidels






















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Ryan    282

Vanguard wins again. Great job everyone.

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Fiddy    58


When you have to feed your new clan propaganda as a trial member l0l.

Edited by Fiddy
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Kneeled    820

Was some good action tonight. Good job Men & women, and easy on the banter lads! B|



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TheeMohican    24

Looks juicy, good job fellas. Girlfriend unexpectedly showed up tonight after she got off work, sorry I missed the fight fellas. 

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»Brian    199

I'm always away for the good action. Looked like a fun scrap, well done friends!

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