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The Week of Vanguard #4

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Ladies and Gentlemen of Vanguard

I give you another massive week in the guard where we pretty much covered all areas of the game as we usually do. Many of us were rocking through total levels, Plenty of us diving deep into Chambers,ToB,Revenants & plenty of slayer, and a total carnage of loots from our Ballista trip/Smol mans which have reaped total success of just easily clearing anything of juice in sight. Enjoy all the massive drops/kills pictures and various random other fun pictures in the week and look back each week for more ;)  #VnG #emeraldcity #Bangbros #Meatsquad

-First event of the week was a Zamorak GWD trip hosted by @oneal3665 where a good handful of us went to try and score a point off the scavenger hunt that is still going on plus the spears are ridiculous amount now, but no luck was found here with only Pur3 getting a steam battlestaff.

-Second event was a good ole trip to Venenatis for a bit of anti-PK lasting about 2HR trying to score some absolute juice from the boss itself, with many of us walking away with plenty of onyx tip drops and random other bunches of loot with some randoms players that got smacked up on trying to mess around with the guard. No unique drops were obtained besides maybe a Dragon 2H. xD 


-Third event consisted of a chill evening of wintertodt hosted by Mr @Mike as he was trying to finish off his 99 FM finally because hes been slacking like his NBA team, many many people attended the event filling up the public CC. A lot of Experience was gained and lots of loot crates were opened leaving it a pretty good evening of good laughs on teamspeak/in cc


-Fourth event of our super packed week was @Martyrs Birthday get together for something a bit different she did a goodie bag for everyone that showed up, We all gathered around the southern house in edge while she handed out some hefty items in wealth to the fam as we picked random numbers from 1-28. Many thanks to her and Happy birthday again! But before the goodie bag happened we had gathered around for @Mike 99 Farming achievement. Big GZ 



-Fifth event of the week was a fun little ballista event where we just hopped around revenenat caves for a good 2 hours scouting out some juicy kills for us to just come through and one hit, many looting bags were filled & towards the end of the trip we ended up coming through a cheeky little Ags smite which was claimed by @Dunkz Peep Kill pictures for all the juice obtained.

-Last but event of the week was hosted by one of our super charged Community Managers @The Reverence which was Community Corp beast FFA, and let me tell you it was a pretty big turn out once again with many many onyx bolt drops to various people and @Pur3 Str0ng2 came in hot with the FFA spectral, big congrats to him on that $$ CC below during the corp event.



b88412d286.jpgJOIN DISCORD | "VnG" Public CC b88412d286.jpg





























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3 minutes ago, Creepster1 said:

Guess my hunter gains didn’t fit the criteria :/

A lot of the screenies were like this and i want ppl to know whos getting the level ups to be fair


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