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The Week of Vanguard #5

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Another week has come and gone with plenty of events through out the week and just random small pvm trips/raids being done endlessly, Many skilling achievements made by plenty of the green men and women and of course the good impromptu smol mans that bring in a ton of wealth late at night being totally uncontested. Take the time to look through the juicy content of the week and leave a reply, also with the holidays in the coming week i wish everyone a Happy holidays and here shortly a happy New year :)



-First event of the week was a Raids event in good ole Chambers of Xeric hosted by @`221 with a good handful of members doing 2-3 raids with no unique received during the event a few others managed to get a couple dex scroll splits later in the day.


-Second juicy event of the week was a good ole fashioned callisto mass hosted by @Joshpaul where we geared up in full Veracs with a lot of us in anti pk gear switch out just in case some free loot trys to come kill us, we lasted about 2 hours without being noticed by any teams. No big loots were received


-Third event of the week was another juicy anti pk event at Venenatis this time with @Pur3 Str0ng2 hosting it, a bunch of loots were received during this one with tons of onyx tips as usual and a nice treasonous ring drop, also with a few random PKers trying to get us in multi but ending up giving us even more free loot. 


-Fourth event of the week was one of our best events because it just so easy to make so much loot and it was a Revenant 1750 Lock-down hosted by @`221 which ended up making a lot of people a bunch of money in 2+ hours of us just completely annihilating anyone that logged in and any revenant that spawned on the map. We received at least 4 ancient items, tons of random pks, and full looting bags all night

-Fifth event of the week was a really fun and unique one hosted by @Mike which consisited of us all dressed in full santa/christmas outfits using only wind strike as in we would be throwing snowballs at each other simulating a snow ball fight, we had about 15 or so people as we split between team and had only 6 anchovy pizzas in our inventory so it wouldn't take too long and also a random amount of GP up to amounts of 10M by generous members! Fun times in the Guard



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I wonder how mad it makes other clans that we remain this successful. In fact, the prophets even wrote of us in the ancient texts. Psalm 1:3. King

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EZ week for vanguard, Money clan baby, all them looooooops for Christmas 

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12 hours ago, Venenatis said:

I wonder how mad it makes other clans that we remain this successful. In fact, the prophets even wrote of us in the ancient texts. Psalm 1:3. King

Legends say they cry theirselves to sleep each night we succeed.

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