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RuneScape Name

Ben HG

Combat Level


Previous Clan History

Osrs Clan History. 

Ronin: clan world was struggling for clan activity so decided to make something of my own, after a year or so i moved on and the clan continued for a few years.

Violent Resolution: Spent around 2 years here eventually decided to move on after witnessing a huge decline in overall motivation and activity. Based on how it all turned out seems like a good decision. 

The Rising: Without a doubt my best RS clan experience. Met a lot of great people and despite being 'closed' for a while now our community is still strong, although mostly non RS activity. 

How did you find out about Vanguard?

Dan found Vanguard while running Newblood. 

Who, if anyone, do you know in Vanguard?

Nolan, some others

What are your Interests in-game?

F2P Warring, P2P Pking.





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Welcome Ben, not too bad intro :D

Good to see you in our CC and website :)


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on RS(VnG Pur3), Forum, discord (Pur3 str0ng2#0870)

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