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Clan Uniform

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@Mike    641

Our Clan Uniform is more than just matching for the luls, it's about supporting strength and unity within our community. Where we embrace creative freedom with your character, we do ask that you at least represent the clan with either Green Clothing or Green Hair. Here are some examples of character builds that fit our uniform specifications.

617d59fcc4a0ce17f2c9a0ce45dc2f84.png e43eccfbe21e54109e2e48d8da0eda57.png 336e08b1ac.png 4d15e2de028ca0170f872f0148c889d9.png


In PVP our uniform must be consistent with all of our members, when you join the clan you must use Guthix Heraldic Kiteshields and Guthix Magic Capes during trips. In PVM, we don't require you to use the Guthix Imbued Magic cape, but appreciate if you represent our colors as much as possible. In the chance we have a Clan Wars Arena fight or event a specific uniform must be used as shown below. Team-37 Capes are required for both F2P Clan Wars Arena and Ballista Trips among other activities.

Wilderness Uniform Examples

65a8e24cf6073e17bf68a3cf37cc2c3c.png 6a8529524a9aed5a57665d551a56124b.png

P2P Clan Wars Arena Uniform Examples

adf55d026c13ccbc11068336f89001d8.png c4e2a052f325f3e8acd2c8798c3463db.png

F2P Clan Wars Arena Uniform Examples

67c681bf3b40c23f6f91296c740f27f6.png 29fc18bed4353ad30f5160aca161b415.png e016580e8a6bbe4013caa7459c7c91b7.png

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