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@Mike    565

Trial Member Level Requirements 

  • 115+ Combat
  • 94+ Magic 
  • Desire to progress your account 

(This is the bare-minimum to start your journey)


General Requirements

  • Discord and Teamspeak
  • 20 post count on forums. (This is the bare-minimum for your application to be processed.)
  • Activity on Discord and these forums
  • Desire to learn 
  • Desire to progress as an individual 
  • Desire to progress as an OSRS player 
  • Willingness to listen
  • Willingness to take constructive criticism for individual improvement 
  • Willingness to be ambitious for this clan 

Gear Guidelines

  • PvP Tab similar to the image below:
    (This is the ideal tab, but you don't need to have this many sets, this is just an example. If you can't afford this exact replica, do not let it discourage you from creating a unique tab and applying. You only need a majority of the items posted in the list below the image. You may PM an official for further clarification.)


(Below is a list of a more detailed PvP tab. This is a Guideline of basics if you wish to get involved in PVP)

Magic Sets

  • 10+ Xerician Robe Tops (or Mystic)
  • 10+ Xerician Robe Bottoms (or Mystic)
  • 10+ Splitbark/Moonclan Boots 
  • 10+ Ancient or Water Staves
  • 10+ Guthix Capes

Range Sets 

  • 10+ Black D'hide Bodies and Chaps
  • 10+ Neitznot Helms or Painted Rune/Adamant Helms
  • 10+ Painted Rune/Adamant Kite Shield (Guthix)
  • 10+ Dragon Spears
  • 10+ Rune Crossbows
  • 10+ Accumulators
  • 1 Zamorak Godsword OR Tent Whip
  • 1k Diamond Bolts (e) or 1k Dragon Bolts (e)

Resource Supplies & CWA Misc, etc. 

Things indicated with a * are not mandatory, but are advised.

  • 1k Barrages
  • 150 Annakarl Teleports
  • 15 Bracelet of Ethereum + 2,000 Revenant ether
  • 30 Revenant Teleports
  • 50 Phoenix Necklaces
  • 500 Anglerfish
  • 15+ Rune Gloves
  • 15+ Amulets of Glory
  • 15+ Climbing Boots
  • 1+ Barrows Gloves
  • 1 Guthix D'Hide Set *
  • 1 Granite Platebody *
  • 1 Granite Platelegs *
  • 1 Granite Shield *
  • 1 Granite Boots *
  • 30+ Rag Sets (Addy/MoonClan/etc) to be used ONLY at leaders' discretion. *
  • 1 Crystal Bow *
  • 100 Saradomin Brews & Super Restores
  • 100 Stamina Potions
  • 50 Anti-Venom (+)
  • 100 Super Combat Potions
  • 100 Ranging Potions

PVM Gear (Tier 1 Minimum with Progression to Tier 2)*

*Note: These items aren't all required, rather just helpful in your progression into the PVM side of Vanguard, Just show what you have when you apply.

  • Void Pieces
  • Torso
  • Barrows Pieces
  • Blessed D'hide
  • Slayer Helm
  • Bandos Tassets

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