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Clue Scroll Hunt Recap

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¥Steve    326

130px-Reward_casket_(beginner) CLUE SCROLL HUNT RECAP 150px-Clue_scroll_(master)_detail.png?59

Two weeks ago, three teams set out to hunt down the greatest treasure to be found in the realm of Runescape. One team persevered through famine, toxicity, and World of Warcraft while the others failed to step up in the time of need. Area 51 came out on top with a whopping 153 points, which included 2 Ranger boot sets, 6 other medium clue boots and 40 higher priced god pages. The competition came down to the last hour of clue hunting with Team Urethra Franklin up by 4 points. The man himself, @Donald Trump, came in clutch with 7 points in about 20 minutes to take the lead. Big Congratulations to Team Area 51 for a huge comeback win after being down by over 50 points after the first week. The winners will take home the prize of 51 million gp on top of the loot they already made. 


Thank you to all those who participated! Nearly everybody was able to snag some points over the 2 weeks. This was a new idea for Vanguard and it was definitely a success. The scoring system was completely new and I know there were some flaws with the scoring that will be more balanced out in the future. Overall, I've already gotten a lot of great feedback for future clue scroll events. 


The winners:

@Mike  - 42 points

@Alexa  - 51 points

@Donald Trump - 21 points

@Cody  - 19 points

@Anubis - 20 points


Here is a breakdown of the scores:

Team Area 51 - 153 points

Team Urethra Franklin - 143 points

Team Pack Yak - 35 points




This was my first clue completion of the competition, which was the only clue to hit the mega rare drop table. Unfortunately I got noted potions. ¬¬



Some of the good loots along the way:


















I'm going to cry myself to sleep

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#Pur3 Str0ng2    214

Was a very fun competition, Grats to the winners :D Thank you for hosting Steve! :)

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+Baker X    75

Congrats to Area 51. I let my team down due to IRL stuff. Looking forward to the next competition, maybe some type of PVM drop bingo??????

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@Mike    641

We went super hard the last few days, glad we pulled the Dub, great work team

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The End    15

Great work everyone. Hope I am able to participate in the next one.

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