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    1. Community Introduction

      » Welcome to Vanguard! Not ready to commit? Get to know our Community by posting an Introduction.

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    1. [★] Information

      » Please visit here for information about Vanguard.

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    2. [2] Apply For Trial Member

      » Please read Information before applying for trial.


      » 115+ Combat

      » 1650+ Total Level

      » 94+ Magic

      » Desert Treasure Completed

      » 2x Member+ Vouches (Must Post on Application)

      » 20+ Post Count

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    1. Event Recaps

      » A summary of the events unfolding in Green City.

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    1. Runescape Discussion

      » Anything RS related. 

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    2. Milestones & Goals

      » What do you aspire for?

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    3. Clan World Discussion

      » Anything related to other clans or the clan world.

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    1. Any Discussion

      » Anything unrelated to virtual reality.

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    2. Memedia & TV

      » Videos, images, memes, and other content.

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    3. GameZone

      » All gaming content is welcome.

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