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    Thirsty for action we decided to set out on a late night PK. We had strong domination throughout the night, looting, piling, and looting some more. Eventually we got a good clean 3 round fight with Divine Kings, although outnumbered, fk it - we did it anyway. Glad to be back & looking forward to the return of the daily PKS!
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    2nd Generation shields
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    The real question though, are you gonna alch that dark bow?
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    The Legacy of Des Troyer We were just a small clan when he first messaged me. I had no idea who this person was, nor can I say that I expected how much of an impact he would make on me. I can't say I knew much about the clan world during that time. His contact with me was simple enough, did we want to fight his clan New Blood? It was a soft exchange, but during it I conveyed we were more than willing. He seemed a bit taken aback I agreed so quickly, surprised, and curious. It wasn't long before the conversation shifted, he wanted to know more about Vanguard. I guess to him it was a bit shocking to see a new clan doing what new clans never did. Progressing, warring, and enjoying it. He later told me he led the clan Gladz, founded The Rising, and New Blood was his new project. New Blood was his hope of bringing new players into the clanning community. And no, I don't mean cliché PvM and skilling clans: I mean clans that are capable of doing it all. He was surprised and grateful to have found us. We were a genuine example of New Blood (e.g new clanners). For those who don't know, there are only about 10 old clans left that war. They are constantly recycling members with each other, meaning the community never expands. It's just the same people. The same fights. The same rivalries. The same friendships. These decade old clans are strict on who let in. For example, even if you are a 120, most on RS would be rejected. The staff of these clans didn't want to be bothered teaching the inexperienced warring. Even if the recruits had the levels, the staff didn't have the patience. While this elitism deemed effective temporarily, many clans have now closed trying to hold onto a strict experienced only community that is dwindling. Des Troyer was one of the only leaders to want to change this mindset. He was an innovator, his junior clan New Blood progressed despite criticism, and many clans followed suit. We ended up defeating New Blood + 5 TR for our first match, which oddly made Des happy. He was so glad new clans like Vanguard were forming behind the scenes. Vanguard became as cherished to him as his beloved New Blood. It was the idea behind us that inspired him. A new generation was forming, warring was not dying. He pushed us hard to improve, and we seemed to push him to keep working on his New Blood project. Des and I became pretty close, it was later revealed to me that he was ill. He couldn't give all he wanted to NB. It was very hard on him, but I understood having my own difficulties with health. Unfortunately he was eventually unable to play RS, and taken to the hospital. His New Blood project was taken over by The Rising, the clan he founded and stepped down from. The leadership of TR was piss poor. I can't even sugarcoat it. It sadly led to the closing of both New Blood and The Rising. But, I'm not here to write about that. I want everyone to remember the legacy of Des Troyer, a man who created many successful clans. Someone who is an innovator, my friend who changed the game of Runescape itself. I don't know how you are right now Des, but I want you to know your vision lives on in us. If we fail for some reason, which I will do everything in my power to avoid, someone else will carry your vision. We love you Des, get well soon. Cheers to the next generation of clanners, Venenatis
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    Welcome! Current RSN? - Lord Tac0 To the best of your memory list all previous RSNs: - Lord taco 30 Combat level/stats? (screen capture) - Country & Timezone? - Nicaragua, Mountain Time Previous clan & teams? Please be as specific as possible, list your obtained ranking, etc. - No other previous clan How did you find us? / Who recruited you? - Weaponz Clan members you know? - Weaponz - VnG Rebuild - VnG Boofer - VnG Regretme - vnG Z1Zek Are you in the Venenatis CC during your playtime hours? - I am always there unless we go to pk, or any other team member event to not spam regular cc If 110+, are you willing to do some clan warring? - if is not during my working or college hours yes, I have assisted some f2p wars in clan wars with the clan in the past, so as wildy. How much PvP experience do you have in P2P? How much PvP experience do you have in F2P? - Well, I normally try to assist to all pvp activities if I am online, most of my xp in pvp is with the group clan, unless pvp worlds, im in death/kill ratio of 141/117, f2p not much, just in my account that now is in rs3 Which of the 3 Factions are you planning on joining? - PvP Why did you choose Vanguard over other clans? - well, is being the only clan I´ve ever been with, however you guys r always active and in constant events makes it more smoothly to do some activities. How do you feel about honor clans? - preferrable Why should we allow you to join? What will you bring to Vanguard? - Well, I am always active in the clan and pretty much almost never decline to join any in clan activity so as never decline to go and pvp with you guys Summary about yourself: - like I mentioned I have been playing RS since 2006, I love the game and I like the community within our clan, I love Technology and also programming, I am learning about rn Come clean: Is there something in your past that might deter us from accepting you? Honesty will get you further than a cover up. - Nothing Finally, join our public discord and insert a screenshot. (Download & idle it as much as possible) - Screen capture yourself in our character build. -
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    Interesting read about the desmond. He was the legend since from Gladz and The Alliance times.
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    If this doesn't say cleared I don't know what does lol, but on another note respect to DK for a good clean fight, was definitely a great time.
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    About time you post an intro Goodluck man!
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    ayo fam, good to see ya -b (z1zek approval™)
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    Was real quality out there tonight. Really enjoyed the scraps. Could have done with a caller and we'd have embarrassed them. 1K 2Ds.
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    Respect to Hoshua for the fight.
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    Was fun with the old squad, hopefully we can do it again. More are welcome
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