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    The #GMT lads took to the evil streets of Angel Grove To defeat Rita "Robbiboi" Repulsa and her minions. The Wise Sage Zordon (Wales), gave us the Weaponz needed to battle our foes. Tommy with some, skilful third eye managed to track down the enemy. In haste The Red Green Blue and Hot Pink Ranger (Bauz) chased them down and relinquished the world of foul entities. Video: By Weaponz Pictures: (Spoiler)
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    It wasn't that long ago Vanguard was no more than a social CC. We opened our first, free website on May 16th, 2015. No one expected us to come as far as we have, the expectation was quite the opposite. We more often than not became the centerpiece of ridicule, a target of forum posts and misplaced banter predicting our closure by the end of the year. Three years later, here we stand, defying the odds and the opposition. Through everything our clan has faced, we've only come out stronger. We are a clan built upon the backbone of dedication. Vanguard has been a spark of light, shinning in a dim clan world. If anything we have made a statement, which is that anyone with the right motivation can achieve great things. We opened with no experienced warrers, no mass joins, no Zybez recruitment hype. You can literally say we started with nothing more than a goal, one which we achieved, and continue to achieve. Happy anniversary, Vanguard. Take great satisfaction in achieving what no other clan has in OSRS. Shout to @Nolan for the graphic, took him almost 3 hours, give him a ty!
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    Thanks Aldo for the ely collate
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    Vanguardians! Boy oh boy oh boy, this week was filled with a truck load of loots(yes thats a lot of loots), as well with sooooo many pets being gained in this one even though a couple of them were duplicates We started the week off going a bit slow due to luck not being on our side for the most part but we stuck right with them the whole time, Friday/Saturday we smashed the luck super hard with those two days alone gaining a massive lead. So anyone that took part in this competition, thank you! This was a big turn out and hopefully i can get us another clan vs clan event here after the skilling event, so make sure everyone signs up for that to get some juicey gains and possibly a pet . Below are the ending points/value of both sides, will link the megathread to showcase any loots you want to look over in the future. ~MEGATHREAD~ ~Most points [4M GP] @Maik 34 points ~Runner up @c h a v a 32 points ~Pets [2M GP] R3ck - Pet dagannoth supreme Basshunter - Pet dagannoth supreme Naito - Pet kraken Cakeboy - Pet callisto VnG Oneal - Pet dagannoth rex Stoned Elf - Pet dagannoth prime Maik/Feye - Pet snakeling Vanguard Total points - 353 Total wealth - 606M Violent Resolution Total points - 273 Total wealth - UNKNOWN
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    With the changes we made comes a new rank structure, as well as some promotions. Congratulations. @Leader - Really doesn't need an explanation, congrats @VnG Kneeled. We made this clan together and really should have been done sooner. He has been my right hand since the very beginning. @Officer - Basically Advisor + Warlord. They can call, but they also help manage the clan as a whole. @Panic Tab @Nolan »Advisor - Pretty much Council but better defined in terms of use. They advise leadership on how they feel x will grip the community. They are analysts, logicians, etc. They are a crucial part of our growth. @VnG Mitch. Big congratulations to @South Dakota also. ¥Warlord - Everyone knows what this does, the spot is currently empty btw, for anyone aspiring to achieve it. Community Manager - Helps keep the community active and in check, keeps an eye on our gains through PvE. We all know who the heart of the community is @Red Fruit
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    Hey everyone! The PvM war vs FOOLS is now over and i would like too say we did a great job keeping up with points due to their massive member list, all though it was a bit slow on our part due to American Holiday which impacted us with some inactivity over the weekend but we still kept a good amount of points flowing in each day, i want to say congrats to @itzadrian @Billyd3rd @ArcticLizard @Boofer on Receiving pets this war and to PM in game to Collect your 2M GP winnings Unfortunately we came out with a loss on this one but not by much we kept it very close with FOOLS ending at 219 Points VANGUARD 208 and 800M made within us, great effort VnG we will try to get another PvM war soon with another competitor Thoughts on another PVM competition are welcomed as well, shoot me a pm to discuss if any of you have some ideas. Drops to all loots gained in competition can be viewed here
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    Good job, men. I wish I could've made it earlier. As for CT, they really made themselves look cringe. "We are going to crash anyone that fights Rev." K, have at it? More like "We are going to crash anyone that fights Rev, if we have 3x their memberlist."
  9. 6 points
    OMG! THIS IS SO UNEXPECTED! I would like to thank my clanmates, for always believing in me, always pushing me to flame them at whatever the cost, and of course for being the biggest bunch of goons I''ve ever met. I would also like to thank my mom for getting me a gateway computer in 2001 so i could play Neopets and later on grow onto this beautiful game we call Runescape. I would also like to thank Jagex for Unperm banning me in 2011, and letting me continue to be a spastic. Tldr; Didn't ask.
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    This is why I needed to rest after. Kept coughing from all this smoke. On a side note, I was asked why we didn't get involved in the current crash war between CT/REV/UNK/JJ. Why would we want to be 1 iteming at 2 am EST when we can have clean action? Clans need more humility.
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    So VnG went out to help out Chava who kept getting hit by team in near max mage at Callisto we dropped one kid for 1.8m in gear. Then we went for little trip to revs and found a max team hanging out in multi and mike managed get few them in and it went back forth with them running into single then coming into multi well one kid made a mistake and lost his bank. I would say out of everyone that went with us in the two hours easily cleared 3m+. 17m+ PK rest was looted by Robbi. 1.8m PK \
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    After a long journey across the entire world of RuneScape i finally done it! Many paths have been taken, many mountains has been climbed but it was worth all the strugle! Some thought i wouldn't survive and still i made it across. The battle with @Carl in duel for the max cape has left his scars but yet the strongest man wins! Thanks all for the support and thanks for joining in at edge to celebrate this epic moment! We can all laugh at carl now when he gets his cape 3 days later then i do LOL Next aim in RuneScape will be getting the Infernal Cape! A lot to learn in that since i never been at that place yet but sure will be a adventure. Ps. im shit at making topics and pics
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    task of 7 mithril dragons :'D Then....... This happened. task of 49 black dragons btw 1 day apart
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    After our battle with DI, we came out to Corp for a few hours. We had a lot of fun, @Mike lost his bunny ears, and @it was tommy was hoggin' alllllll the loots loool, jk. We didn't see any sigils tonight, but nevertheless, it was a total blast!!! Thank you to all who came and stayed the duration of the trip. See you all next time!! :3
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    After a relatively strong pull, VnG harassed the local fishing community with memes and dank gains. Otto wasn't too happy about the sudden influx of VnG attendee's, but he can suck it. Movies were watched. Games were multi-tasked. Herbs were used on tar right before you cast your rod to somehow make you physically fish faster, just like in real life. Congratulations on @R3CK for being better than everyone else this time, in questionable fashionscape. Also gz to @Billyd3rd and @Basshunter for top-notch gains. @Fear, @venomnous, @Musical, @Kieran, and @Brian` did not achieve minimum EHP. @Brian` is the only one who informed me of progress. Step it up next time.
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    It was just one year ago that I wrote a newsletter pushing for our members to strive for a combat of 120. As of today, we have 38 level 126 members out of 53. I am proud to say Vanguard has achieved a mode combat of 126 meaning it is our most common combat level and without any urgency for our members to obtain it. Congratulations to the clan as a whole, thanks to everyone who put in the time to train up and represent Vanguard in a fantastic way. Tyler
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    Glad to be done but not entirely set on what to do next The rough loot from level 92 to 99~ Did alch some things for cash at points on task
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    preciate yall making me look like an OG, but um i was literally bailed out the next morning, because i am an og......
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    So "finally" (i shouldn't even say that to be fair) i managed to get the cape! Even though it was on my 5th run i used to watch inferno streams/youtube guide all the time the past 2 months, i think that's the reason that i got it in a few attempts. I was way more comfortable at Zuk than i would have ever imagined because of that. Hands down, i got insanely lucky and this is why: I went into Zuk with 2 brews and somehow managed to use only half a brew in both rotations when the mager/ranger spawn. Then i fucking 8 hit Jad, insane dps i did to him it blew my mind. And lastly i ended up using only 1 brew and a half on the healers. I got hit once by one of the triple jads and once by Zuk. Lucky me, both 0's. Gotta addmit the time is quite bad (almost 4 hours), but legit i wasn't expecting to get the cape on that run, that's why i took the whole fucking day to do it (afking/waiting for sgs specs/breaks/shower/washed my hands 10 times). On my 4th run i made it to wave 67 (1 jad) and died because of the nerves, so don't give up if you ever wanna try it because you never know what's gonna happen on the next run!
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    After a 3/4 Month of PvMing the month of December has ended and we will start the new year fresh with tons of new loots and hopefully some juicey pet drops to come along with it, as well as some more pvm wars hopefully with some new contenders here are your loot Statistics of this month for Vanguard, thank you anyone that posted loot even if it wasn't listed on the point sheet Lets get some more people pvming in the next month to increase our bank values going into the new year! Pets - Total points/Wealth - Point Leaderboard @c h a v a ~ 39 *Winner of 2 Bonds* @Aldo Apache8 ~ 23 @Ekim~ 20 @Vikers ~ 17 @MrBookman~ 14 Kneeled ~ 12 @EG_Mitch ~ 10 @Basshunter @Necro ~ 6
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    Some goodies fresh off the press @Necro @Boofer @Basshunter
  24. 5 points
    Now i can officially chill and do some PvM with the boys full time, cant wait for dragon slayer 2
  25. 5 points
    Great job today everyone but lets be honest this guy is the real OG of the fight.
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    Breaking news. V2R battleship reportedly sunk, VR advisor a casualty. Zamorak godsword now archived in Green City Museum. This comes days after V2R decision to court VnG.
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    Got me a quest cape :~) Recently have completed Desert/Western Province/Kourend & Kebos Elite Diary. Going to keep knocking out the easier elite diaries while skilling to meet the rest of the diary requirements!
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    Vanguard! Ive been lurking away in the darkness, unheard, unseen, but I have achievements to show for it! I have come to say Ive hit Combat level 120 and then 121 quickly after. On my Journey to 121 I hit 99 Strength and while at the EST P2P PK I hit 99 Attack while trying to DDS a noob. I will be rushing to 99 Defense & Ranged next. As my power grows so does VNG's! First 99 ever for me, super pleased with myself. Getting 99 Attack while piling a noob in Rev Caves
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    around 50 attempts later and 5 zuks going on and off since release its finally fucking over
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    So damn happy to be finally posting this!! Went a little dry from the other wildy bosses combined but finally another item goal checked off the list! No more rune pick memes Callisto 147, Venenatis 115, Vet'ion 54 = 316. And to top it off, the KBD Heads bonus making this a 1/192,000 drop. (128 x 1,500) Imbued Heart coming soon.
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    I was 1853 total on march 2, worked my ass off to get it. This is 1 month. Thanks for coming @oneal3665 @Billyd3rd @Elf
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    Worst grind of my life but i finally did it
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    Seeing as the rank is currently empty, I will send in my Warlord application in a few days. My monotone voice repeating the same name over and over, as I occasionally add in "Almost dead" when the pile heals back to full HP, will bring this clan to greater heights. I also nominate @Steve as my Warlord partner when you inevitably accept my application. Best of luck with the changes friends. (:
  42. 4 points Uh....?
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    Remember we are the uncontested, undefeated 5 time champions of PvM wars. This is the 6th PvM ring for my fingers, 4 more to go. If any clans want to challenge PM @VnG Kneeled on discord. Mike - Cera S6 - Last Saturday at 7:52 PM we are gonna lose to VNG fuck me NOOOO fuckers got so lucky last 2 days Suubs - Last Saturday at 8:01 PM tough times in the vr camp Mike - Cera S6 - Last Saturday at 8:05 PM i know right losing to VNG fuck
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    Well after holding out on getting this earlier this week, I decided why not do it on a Friday night? Now I can finally say my 6th 200M (crafting) is out the way. Sorry for the no invites, was just a last minute thing. Now I can finally move on to smithing, I think, someone join me?
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    1) I work at a dog kennel. 2) I mean i work with dogs all day its pretty great. 3) Its actually much more demanding than you might think, plus i work 10-12 hour shifts
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    taking all requests, here are a couple samples of my finer work
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    Greetings reader, hope you are ready to journey on a visual trip thru our successful night guarding and defending our retro home territory, Venenatis Hill. We started out with only 3 people way early in the wee hours at scorp/bear which was semi successful, made bank. But it wasn't until our fearless leader Spider King himself showed up that the action really picked up (naturally) and we went to spider hill to reclaim the throne. Enough talk here are the results Shout out to Slipsoul for tbing for a long time Juicy ~3m pk here by Slip and Dusty (gif didnt show for some reason?) Then to end the night we saw 3 people geared in Mystic and peeped the rev bracelets so we stalked them, flew in, and made our move just after they arrived, hadn't even hopped worlds yet Not a pk but still sexy.
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    pfft ragequit? i'm done. *leaves* Ty for the artwork @Kill Boy