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    My epic mug @Corvo @Khan
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    @Tharendel Boom. And it only took me 1k chins, cant wait to see hm other ppl are gonna get :P.
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    This dad loves to PK LOOOOOOOL
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    my calling is going to be better in the future lol that was my first time even playing in 2 weeks the echo isn't really a position but that's what I was mainly doing because I knew I'd be rusty, but thanks man appreciate the kind words
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    2k Total and Full Member Status. 8 levels from 2k total.
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    A little late in replying about this, but I had loads of fun in participating in this event as much as I could! Congrats to all those with pets and drops! Good job VnG
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    Ahh, this makes sense. Very excited to be apart of PvM but also i'm a bo$$ at PvE.
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    Look back to Mod Reach, it's not implausible
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    had fun =) iaya your avatar is so distracting
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    League Of Legends