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  1. Ez 4 the guard
  2. I like the name, welcome.
  3. Gj thievers
  4. Name is super familar, I dunno why. Welcome to our foruns, nice intro!
  5. Seems a bit sus... Why would you not want to tell us your previous clan?
  6. ^
  7. Made about 7m, gwas
  8. Welcome
  9. money clan
  10. Do them skulled
  11. I had about 15k kc before the collection log came out, but this is the loot(minus all the other random shit) I've gotten since going for a Revenant unique for the scavenger hunt.
  12. Way to go big owner
  13. Gz gz
  14. Gz
  15. Wtf you're Youngn short? I definetly remember you. Brian just kept reffering to you as Bello lol
  16. Welcome
  17. app

  18. Welcome
  19. Gz again
  20. Money clan
  21. Ah yes, ex CR. Welcome to VnG
  22. Nice intro, welcome to our forums:)
  24. Don't really like chips personally, but I'd go with Lay's All Dressed or Old Dutch ketchup.