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  1. We will have to play some league together as well!
  2. Welcome I play league of legends as well, are you on NA
  3. Number 2 all day every day without a thought
  4. Anime is defiantly awesome. What are some of your favorite?
  5. Welcome, hope to see you around in the clan!
  6. Hello everyone and thank you for the support!
  7. Thanks guys hopefully I can get accepted as a clan friend!
  8. It was Im Autism
  9. Thanks guys, Yeah I had went thru and changed my RSN name, I am just waiting to get my name on here changed. I changed it to VNG Hopeful last night.
  10. Thanks boofer! You have been a massive help to me since ive been in the CC
  11. Welcome to the forums
  12. RSN? -VNG Hopeful Tell us about yourself (proper reply required) -20 years old, currently working on getting my Computer Information System degree. I have been playing RS since 2006 off and on, bouncing between it and World of Warcraft. Had to restart an account due to bad memories on the other one and in turn made a even better account. I also play LoL along with Pubg. 0 How did you hear about Vanguard? -Heard about it from Tovades who invited myself to join. Screen-shot of you in our discord: -https://imgur.com/a/ccFVW Who are your 2 refferals? -VNG Boofer - Venenatis How do you aim to take part in Vanguard's community? - I aim to take part by helping as much as possible along with further my runescape knowledge to be a better asset to the clan.
  13. I forgot that this even existed until now thanks for the remember
  14. Grats everyone awesome to see people ranking up!
  15. Congrats that a crazy achievement, now the pet grind begins