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Everything posted by TheeMohican

  1. Gzzz. Useful cape to have now.
  2. 1000 or 1260 idk how I never saw this.
  3. It was a killer week, we all made great money besides Brian's squad. Valiant effort Comeback Kings!
  4. Either Sire, Arma or Guardians.
  5. Good job fellas.
  6. Good job quad.
  7. Looks juicy, good job fellas. Girlfriend unexpectedly showed up tonight after she got off work, sorry I missed the fight fellas.
  8. Gz pal, all that hard work of yours paying off.
  9. Hell yeah brothers. We did well.
  10. Sad I wasn't able to attend, great job vng!
  11. Lmao, gz.
  12. 99

    Gz pal.
  13. More times than not, pizza!
  14. Gz mate, keep it up!
  15. Neither, both are horribly awful.
  16. Fornite is a bad game, OSRS forsure.
  17. Juicy looking loots fellas. Gz.
  18. Good job fellas!
  19. Gz man, you lily and brian have been grinding!
  20. gz bud, 2k total next.
  21. Looks juicy, sad I missed it!
  22. Ass, I eat ass routinely.
  23. Hell yeah brothern. Sick comeback.
  24. Yeah, my bad should've informed you.