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  1. i cri i cri
  2. looks decent but still prefer cod
  3. dang dude nice!
  4. A+ on this one venny
  5. lmfao gratz my dude well deserved
  6. welcome dude and good luck!
  7. i want em...
  8. I FUCK PIGS ASK @Mike
  9. Welcome dude stay active to get some more reffs
  10. Welcome dude stay active and get to know some of the people here
  11. was fun as fuck lmao
  12. share i tb!!
  13. Hey dude stay active, Set up a PvP tab as its vital for fast returns when we get into fights. No matter how good you are in P2P it don't mean you are going to be good in F2P. Get to know some people and hope to see you soon
  14. gratz dude no quitting raids only now