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  1. v nice man gj!
  2. v nice
  3. GOOD SHIT... was fun
  4. i dont want to make this about money it just a friendly comp to motivate each other
  5. Brian starting XP: 8,247,156 GP accumulated: 0 Notable drops: Tye starting XP: 7,832,430 GP accumulated: 0 Notable drops: occult - https://i.imgur.com/wX3jFO0.png First to 99 wins 1m from the loser. GAME ON @Brian`
  6. great job everyone involved, I wouldnt have gotten that kill without you guys so i dont mind sharing =).
  7. i love mobile
  8. grats
  9. v nice v grats
  10. Bruh foh I don’t die
  11. v nice bro grats