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  1. welcome man. Hope to see you apply one day
  2. good stuff guys
  3. That is some spicy loot!
  4. nice loot boys
  5. welcome bro! good luck when you apply!
  6. nice zgs pk LOL!
  7. good stuff guys
  8. nice keep it up!
  9. good job salvaging the situation and going out instead of canceling the whole day.
  10. Still need 124 cb so about ~70 hours of nmz for 98 atk/str/def and 91ish prayer for about ~20 hours of wildy/animated drags 96 range ~ 30-50 hours probably at either revs with craws or brutal blacks maybe I will mix in some slayer since nmz is pretty boring haha
  11. l0l nice how many bones did you have to turn in?
  12. If you were not calling that every run that is impressive lol
  13. Dang I wish I was in this competition I need the slayer/combat gains
  14. grats on the t bow @Basshunter
  15. grats nice hunter lvl btw!