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  1. RNG on point this week
  2. Did you use Expert Mining gloves? Anyhow very nice
  3. I'm not sexy but alright. Hi welcome
  4. Welcome it's fun around here
  5. Halfway <3
  6. 99s from the past couple days
  7. Just the main atm. Might consider making a rune drag alt post max not sure though
  8. Welcome Be cool seein ya around
  9. Welcome! (if I can even say that as i've only been here for a few days lol) If you enjoy mining and aren't in the mood to afk you should look into Blast Mining I love it Also best audiobook service?
  10. Introduction Template RuneScape Name No Max Cape Combat Level 125.45 Previous Clan History None other then some skilling clans on RS3 that don't matter How did you find out about Vanguard? A Lilypad Who, if anyone, do you know in Vanguard? A Lilypad from Pyramid Plunder Do you intend on joining the clan, or just saying hello? I'd like to join as a community member for now and maybe more as later. Tell us more about yourself. Been playin scape since '04. Recently divorced so you know we makin gainz What are your Interests in-game? Current goal is maxing. After that it's completionist goals/money making for gear Anything you'd wish to add? Corp Mass was fun the other night and hope to enjoy more events like that later! Peace