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  1. Jesus, that RNG. Gratz!
  2. Easy money. Was a fun lockdown event
  3. I only have two so far. They're expensive unfortunately.
  4. You're not alone. My Kill death ratio was probably around 0:5
  5. 13
  6. I don't think agility is fun, but I've never minded it. Runecrafting on the other hand should be removed without poll. Integrity issue.
  7. :]

    Gz on the 99 fishing!
  8. Drove about 110 to the next town over to get my friend home in time and keep him out of trouble. Speed limits ranged from 45-55.
  9. Yup, also very good bands.
  10. Glad you like it!
  11. Was definitely a fun week.
  12. Trivium. Never get tired of them.
  13. Nice, easy bank.
  14. Gz on the pet!
  15. I know I'm in the minority, but I've preferred to use discord for voice. Never had issues, and one less thing to download.