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  1. 20 left as in 20 hours til next level? Just gotta make it to 77, then its chill.
  2. Gratz Lily. I gave up after day 1, no way to compete with that.
  3. Lol you put the single shark pk pic in there. Fun event. Probably should get 95 mage before doing that again though, magic potion every few mins was annoying.
  4. Fun pk trip, just like always
  5. Congrats Steve! No way i could keep up.
  6. Jesus, that RNG. Gratz!
  7. Easy money. Was a fun lockdown event
  8. I only have two so far. They're expensive unfortunately.
  9. You're not alone. My Kill death ratio was probably around 0:5
  10. 13
  11. I don't think agility is fun, but I've never minded it. Runecrafting on the other hand should be removed without poll. Integrity issue.
  12. :]

    Gz on the 99 fishing!
  13. Drove about 110 to the next town over to get my friend home in time and keep him out of trouble. Speed limits ranged from 45-55.
  14. Yup, also very good bands.
  15. Glad you like it!