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  1. hey

    Ricki Stanzi is still the manzi, welcome to the boards
  2. Welcome to the forums
  3. Heyyyy glad the intro part didnt intimidate you! Welcome!
  4. just get a couple lvls and youll be set man, welcome to the boards and yea my pm is always open if you have any questions
  5. thanks for the pk
  6. Was a lot of fun, PVM community give it a try, its like killing something with a brain
  7. Listen here Nancy, stories dont need punctuation
  8. So I'd been interested in this girl for a long time and we went to separate colleges and we texted all the time and she decided to surprise me and show up one weekend on a Friday she drove 2 hours to see me and another one of her girlfriends at the school and so we hung out and it was great and all and she left her car at the fraternity house and told me to pick her up at her friends dorm later. Well Friday's were karaoke night at the bar and I didnt have a car at school but now I had this girls car, so I took her car to the karaoke bar drank a lot and then she texted me to come pick her up. She didnt know I had taken her car to the bar so when I showed up drunk at her dorm she got pissed and that was it to this day she still tells ppl on our first time meeting that I stole her car to go to a bar and get drunk hind sight probably a bad look
  9. Chvrches-The Bones of What You Believe Lauren Mayberry could sing me any song and i'd love it lol
  10. Welcome to the city
  11. RWelcome, I'm not a pro at raids like some ppl but I am willing to help you out
  12. More pkers for the pker squad
  13. I didn’t bring correct gear, need to adjust my set ups, but overall was fun
  14. welcome to the boards man