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  1. i hear drinking and woodcutting makes it go faster lololol
  2. tanking was great
  3. dam nice man
  4. dam them user names pretty nice man welcome
  5. nice llooot man
  6. Hi therre
  7. Dam Nice i hate mining
  8. xd

    I think i need to get drunk and train woodcut
  9. welcome kevin with a K
  10. any corn chips and queso definitely
  11. Nice Hi there
  12. Weeman better be active
  13. HI nice to meet you
  14. ha i met you in discord
  15. Pure Hatred, i was out in the wilderness with a small open CC team, Pure hatred hopped to our world to walk down so Krunal930 was the first to log in and we piled and one shot him and then the rest of the dots started showing up and it was my first time seeing a team like that so i had to google them to look them up and try to join