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Everything posted by sessboy

  2. cheers guys
  3. cheers bro was long task but well worth
  4. gratz man
  5. thank @HaX
  7. rough loot after around 80....sold a few loots too at release still 92 togo
  8. @Pur3 Str0ng2 cheers man i hope so too good money either way tbf
  9. cheers guys its not that bad actually the fire wave is bit of a pain but few kills and get used to it
  10. hard to deny it but could finally be Liverpool's year but im rooting for city again
  11. dragon ball is amazing @Slipsoul except for gt
  12. oh shit gratz on the loots guys
  13. oo nice collection of pets that farming one is cool
  14. saradomin has always paid out for me
  15. good effort man keep up the good work wish i had your motivation
  16. gratz man keep up the work
  17. some decent loots there like
  18. nice going man keep up the good work
  19. damn dude maybe you changed my mind on mining i always hated doing that skill