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Death Z22

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  1. beaucoup $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. I like dat shit Hi and welcome to my guide!
  3. How is it every time I'm not with you guys you run into the juicy loot? Are clans just that afraid of when I'm online?
  4. A. those pizza rolls look kinda funky
  5. Good fight. Hopefully i'll be able to participate next time
  6. ROT is the bane of fun. Can't go anywhere in the wildy without them coming to ruin everything
  7. Got some Gucci Dusk robes out of it and part of another ahrim set ;D
  8. Always love me some Corp
  9. So, while playing Pest Control today I came across a rather unusual account. I've seen low lvls with prayer capes but this lvl 83 stuck out to me. I took some time to look him up and I started to wonder. Is this really a goal some people have or is it just another bot and Jagex sucks at bans. I followed him around and he was just repairing constructs. If this is someone's goal my question is, why would you need a completely fucking useless account with 10 HP lmfao.
  10. This one goes out to Steve
  11. Cleared by a level 89.. they should close the cc and turn into a mining clan.
  12. I had fun but i have to say, screw the dude who hit me for a 70 and screw pure clans
  13. I want lootz like dat
  14. Holy bank loots... RIP craws
  15. Good competition this go around minus Dunkz getting steamrolled by life. Thanks team for the gracious carry as i went dry after Bandos and would have felt awful if i dragged us down. Thanks Steve aka Birbman for the final stretch rng win.