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Death Z22

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  1. Cleared by a level 89.. they should close the cc and turn into a mining clan.
  2. I had fun but i have to say, screw the dude who hit me for a 70 and screw pure clans
  3. I want lootz like dat
  4. Holy bank loots... RIP craws
  5. Good competition this go around minus Dunkz getting steamrolled by life. Thanks team for the gracious carry as i went dry after Bandos and would have felt awful if i dragged us down. Thanks Steve aka Birbman for the final stretch rng win.
  6. R I P 52M lol gratz
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. Gratz all. Keep up the good work
  9. Yup. Officially jealous of that GFX. Congrats guys. Time to kick my account into overdrive and get quests done so I can have better variety next time around. Hopefully RNG-esus will bless me
  11. I always miss the good stuff!
  12. Solo challenge moded it at lvl 75. Get gud
  13. gratz everyone. I was out running errands. Lucky you lol
  14. Missing all the big l00tz
  15. Lol i already replied to this