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  1. Grats!
  2. Welcome! Nice to have you here!
  3. Good luck! Y'know just would rather not add toxicity(not claiming or thinking you are just cautious!) and if mods accept welcome to the team:)!
  4. Grats!
  5. It was super fun! GF Arroz!
  6. Thanks for coming guys and showing support! It's greatly appreciated!:)
  7. Did you do something bad to prevent you telling?
  8. Welcome!
  9. It was a ton of fun!
  10. My lootations from last night!
  11. Lit! Can't wait to come!
  12. Welcome and good luck! Hope you enjoy!:D
  13. thanks!:)
  14. Thanks!:D
  15. Ty bro!:D
  16. Good luck and welcome!
  17. Grats! That's some good rng!
  18. Congrats! That's amazing!
  19. Grats!:D
  20. 540k D Thron Axe drop lol!
  21. Excuse the spelling got excited
  22. I love Tarkov but I am so bad at it! LOL
  23. These are too darn funny!
  24. Salamanders, Chins, and birdhouses!
  25. I've never gotten anything at revs! Lucky!