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  1. Thanks for the invite, was nice to be back, rusty as hell though, apologies i had to dip half way through but thats how it goes sometimes. Nice to see VNG is still reppin high and putting honour into honour clan, also nice to see some old faces, maybe ill pop on more and get back into it who knows
  2. 1,Game Of Thrones 2,Peaky Blinders 3,Sons Of Anarchy 4,The Walking Dead 5,Gavin And Stacey
  3. Apologies, I just couldn't bring myself to put the effort in after work. *must do better*
  4. Over the moon i got in the top 4 for this comp I really enjoyed it.
  5. LOL Can tell its 2017, I dont see how this is offensive tbh. I wouldn't be offended if someone had posted a hot men topic, i know @Scott Web would appreciate that one.
  6. I cant see RUIN on any of your lists...
  7. Gratz pal.
  8. Morning Ray, I think you might have misread the way i intended my post, I was actually stating that i myself might be a hypocrite... this is conversation and nothing is taken to heart so dont worry, you haven't offended me The issue with the Attacks you listed are that over half of them are committed by terrorists. The point i was trying to get across was about general gun use and not the use of bombs and trucks as these things simply can not be avoided, unfortunately. If you take out the terror incidents from both countries how does the crime rate compare? I ask this because aside from the so called Islamic State attacks, they are really few and far between in the UK, as you stated the last attack with a gun i can remember on a big scale was the Raoul Moat Cumbria shootings and before that the last attack being 21 years ago. I do believe you are right in saying that the uproar caused by changing gun laws would be crazy but i think that even slight adjustments to it, could make a huge difference. But then again, i haven't done my research to prove my thoughts so i could be completely wrong, i just enjoy these discussions!
  9. The difference is guns are not necessary for every day use... Unless your in the armed forces or the Police.
  10. You cant kill 70+ people from a Hotel window on the 32nd floor with a knife, you CAN with a gun though. My original post wasn't that we were better in the UK because we have a no gun policy, because we do have other problems. When was the last time you heard of a mass shooting in the UK or a school being shot up with kids in? You take away the means of doing these things and the rate at which they are committed will decline, it also becomes harder to commit such horrific crimes. With that being said, i do actually think the UK, or England on its own would be better if we armed our Police officers, especially in the age that we are in with so called Islamic State knocking on the door. I remember reading about the terrorist incident in Spain which a police officer shot and killed 3/4 terrorists himself to prevent an attack, he couldn't of done that with a truncheon. Maybe im a hypocrite! But just a side note... i wouldn't trust what papers like the Daily Fail and The Scum say, they lie to create fear... Fake News as POTUS would say.
  11. What's so funny?
  12. No guns allowed in the UK and for a good reason too.
  13. Well.. this will amuse @Scott Web... Dc - my initials 4 - for abi - a girl 13 - my age at the time i made the account Dc4abi13. Im 26 now, but its my original account name so it will stay that way