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  1. Rs3 is lame
  2. Yeah I voted ts3, but I like discord more. I voted swiftirc because it was the place to be back in the day.
  3. It is truly unfortunate that as the weeks and months go on these clans keep closing yet here we are, the "shit clan", the "community clan" still going strong.
  4. cant even says he knows me...smh
  5. Welcome to the community, enjoy your stay
  6. NMZ prod!
  7. Welcome
  8. A whole 1m... raise the stakes you pansies. 99 slay will easily bank you 300m+
  9. Twas juicy
  10. Welcome back to the community.
  11. https://clips.twitch.tv/CreativeDreamyHamsterBrokeBack
  12. didnt want to run into a singles peekaYER