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  1. This game had the absolute best soundtrack of any game ever made, change my mind. Whats your favorite?
  2. it was a feast
  3. easy loots
  4. Tonight we hosted a large raids mass. There were quite a few new faces today. Before we massed we did some pre-event raiding to test our luck and @Basshunter pulled out a Dragon Hunter Crossbow. Once the event started it was pretty clear that these would be some of, it not, the biggest raids we've ever been to. They were tough, they were fun. We clawed our way through three raids and @Brian ended up getting a Dex scroll. Cannot wait to host these again next month.
  6. Vanguard Community Raid Mass World: 416 Date: Saturday March 2nd Start Time: 7:00 PM EST Hello everyone in the community! This weekend Vanguard will be holding a community raids mass. We will be doing at least 3 raids this night for the official event but everyone is more than welcome to continue raiding before and after the event. This event will be FFA depending on the turnout. Some come on out and chat with our awesome members.
  7. I dont even like Steak that much and even I know that Steak > Fish even though I prefer fish on a regular basis.
  8. Greetings all, today we had small tournament at the games room with some delicious prize money on the line. The name of the game was Runelink, the Connect Four equivalent. The object of the game is to link four runes together in a straight line. We started off this event by holding a round robin stage to determine the seeding for the elimination rounds. Even though the turnout wasn't what I was expecting the fun was undoubtedly there. Congratz to @DevowR for becoming the first Vanguard Runelink Champion. Cant wait to hold more tournaments like this in the future! Bonus Round. Nanncy thrashed Looking 4 CC in Draughts.
  9. Rs3 is lame
  10. Yeah I voted ts3, but I like discord more. I voted swiftirc because it was the place to be back in the day.
  11. It is truly unfortunate that as the weeks and months go on these clans keep closing yet here we are, the "shit clan", the "community clan" still going strong.
  12. NMZ prod!