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  1. was a feast, thanks pd for the action.
  2. You're welcome for the carry
  3. Hey man, hope to see your trial app to be put in soon. Browse the forums and keep active!
  4. hey take a bit to browse forums and get to know some people in game. When you're feeling confident and ready to commit to clanning then post a trial application
  5. really digging it, good work Nolan
  6. Make sure you fill out your trial app accordingly and put a little effort into it to show you actually wanna be apart of this community.
  7. Throw in a trial app here soon when you're comfortable with putting in the dedication. Welcome.
  8. Good work green machines
  9. didnt ask
  10. Good shit everyone, didn't get the pet myself unfortunately but there's always next time. Good too see some trials putting in the work
  11. Was a fun night of easy loot and clears. Good job men & women of Vanguard 💚
  12. Had 6-7 deaths, was focused heavy inside the clump while maging. Unfortunate but it was good action. Well done Vanguard, bleed green till I die