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  1. Hey, hopefully you can let your honorable side show more then your troll side if you decide to dedicate your time to us. Welcome
  2. Great job today everyone, proud of everyone that stepped up to mage or returned quickly as possible. Thank you! VNG
  3. You were already paid out for your pet so i didnt add them, but i will put them up anyways because you did get them in March
  4. Lenny, you been a asset to Vanguard for months despite some of your mates leaving like Khan said you should of been set retired. It was definitely unfortunate that IRL complications came up but it happens. I have no problem with you being clan friend.
  5. Hey everyone! Sorry for the late recap of the loot month, have been extremely busy with work past couple weeks but without further ado here's your loot owners of the month and pet wranglers. Also i did add in the pvm competition points Winners of pets can PM Mitch in teamspeak or game for the 2M, if you received a pet during the pvm competition and you were paid out, that was towards the march loot reward. Wealth total: 825M Chava - 70 Points! *Winner of 2 Bonds* VnG Kneeled - 37 Maik/Fey - 34 Ekim - 27 Vikers/Naito - 26 Grimez - 25 Tommy - 23 Darkelf - 22 Boofer/R3CK - 21 Panic/Killean/Basshunter/Stonedelf - 18 Tova - 16 Tomato/Venenatis/Venomous - 13 Slice - 12 TeaNmilk/Robbiboi - 11 Skin/Mitch -10 Cakeboy - 9 Southdakota/Bauz/RSMJ - 8 Darken - 7 Adrian - 5 Wales/aldo - 2 PETS :
  6. Keep the loots flowing everyone
  7. Gratssssss! mining was my least favorite
  8. Was good, didnt get too many drops myself though.. Also where were the bolts this time? Jagex?
  9. Fortnite is in fact, OP. Lots of games were played with shotguns just a blazin' with tons of sharks/lobs dropped in the process. Congrats reckaroni for the top notch fishing finish, not everyone enjoys the tick manipulation but you stuck it out. Everyone else that took part, thank make Vanguard great by the awesome participation not just in PvP or PvM but also in the skilling comps.
  10. Hey there, hopefully we are what you're looking for in a clan, we do also have a clan activity standard, majority of our events are eastern time zone. Keep active on forums
  11. Whats up man, Fortnite ftw
  12. Yeah buddy, fun game aside from Runies. squaaaaad