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  1. Sadly, wars don't seem to happen in my timezone. They are usually 6am - 7am my time, which is not a time I can be online. I did attend every PvE event except one in my 10 months or so in VnG.
  2. I go out all the time.. If I have a clue scroll and am otherwise nakie.
  3. I can't access the correct sub forum so I'm posting this here. Apologies. I know I haven't been too active over Winter here. At this time of the year it's cold and often overcast and this generally depresses me a bit, as well as making it quite cold where my PC is located. I tend to hibernate a bit lot over winter. So I understand why my clan membership was moved to "clan friend" and my access to more of the forum was removed. It's OK. I've enjoyed my time with Vanguard and I wish you all well. You are all great people and it was a great experience being in the clan. Happy gaming!
  4. Let me know how comfy that is after you roll it out. I have doubts..
  5. I know how you feel. I'm up almost every night till some weird hour. The days where I manage to feel tired at a reasonable hour and go to sleep, I often then wake up 3 hours later and wide awake.
  6. I love to afk a skill so I can watch movies or chat
  7. I've become pretty good at fixing or preventing PC viruses, since having my daughters learn to use a PC by first using my own when they were young. I eventually wised up and got them separate PCs to prevent mine from getting ruined. So many stories... One time, my PC was completely locked up with a virus and it had shut down my anti virus scanners, even in Safe Mode. After doing some research on another PC that was not infected, I discovered that Malwarebytes has a chameleon function that can be enabled, so it can be used even when a virus is actively shutting down anti virus programs. I recommend this program as one of anyone's anti virus protections, and recommend having at least 2 concurrent antivirus programs running at all times. I can't count the times that my kids asked me to look at their PCs because they were slow or acting funny (the PC, not the kids ) and when I updated and ran anti virus checkers, found hundreds of Malware plus dozens of toolbars on internet browsers.
  8. I would love to see a longer slayer comp. The longer the better!
  9. what a cute baby!
  10. Grats to top guys
  11. I agree with Ray. The question is very broad. People who have watched or heard of Rainman might vote yes, based on that. Not that I'm saying that Aspergers/Austism is a Mental Health issue as such.
  12. So, we now have "Australian Servers". Trouble is, apparently they aren't really Aussie servers, but are the "best that can be done" to placate the crowd. Ping is still pretty terrible and the OSRS Dev team have copped some flak over the fiasco. I found a ping checker myself to test. The Aussie servers aren't much better than the regular ones. Anyone who wants to check their ping can use this:
  13. I'll have to try that when fishing is over
  14. Grats!