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  1. RuneScape Name M xtty Combat Level 124 Previous Clan History Vanguard, Explicit How did you find out about Vanguard? Was apart of them well before I quit Who, if anyone, do you know in Vanguard? Not to sure who is still here from when I was Do you intend on joining the clan, or just saying hello? Both Tell us more about yourself. Probably the hardest part of any form you sign XD. Well I was apart of Vanguard probably well over a year ago now, hopefully some of the older members still remember me. I'm 22, self employed so if I'm ever on during the day just tell me to get my ass to work as I'm probably being lazy that day. What are your Interests in-game? Mainly Pking but ill never pass on a chance for some raids/PVM Anything you'd wish to add? When are we smacking CT?
  2. Loved the pile at the end lads, good try
  3. Easy work
  4. good trip guys, ezz clears
  5. thank you
  6. Gateshead FC 'A' 0 - 1 Seaton Burn (After Extra Time) The big dogs were humbled by the underdogs Straight to the pub afterwards!
  7. what you need 3 cats for?
  8. really good idea tbf, we should also have the same character clothing as well so we all look the same (pvp faction)
  9. was fun when we ran into the clans, looking forward to more trips in the future
  10. ah fair point, just looking at your pk trips, if you had them numbers in deadman mode (clanman mode) itd be quite fun. hopefully in the future
  11. I was just wondering/wanting to see if you guys take part in the dmm seasonals. For the first 2 weeks that theyre active
  12. just scrolling through some of your past trips awesome to see
  13. looking forward to joining you guys on trips in the future