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  1. gzz mane
  2. welcome and good luck
  3. good to see a old friend joining, good luck see you in game
  4. welcome bro
  5. https://gyazo.com/e5c7d16818711bcee556fb46dcec52fb
  6. good job
  7. clicked on this thinking you got a tbow, good troll, nice drop tho
  8. sounds like a badass job you got lined up, welcome and good luck
  9. looked like a good time
  10. i listed everyone that was close to the top of my list think you where offline, sorry bud D:
  11. urrent RSN? - Brendan Time To the best of your memory, list all previous RSNs: - liquor snarf Combat level/stats? (screen capture) -https://gyazo.com/5af1f627c88371f1b41044c9df24f142 Country & Timezone? - United States, Central Previous clan & teams? Please be as specific as possible, list your obtained ranking, etc. - Embrace Pvm, Restless Pvm How did you find us? / Who recruited you? - venenitis and vng mitch Clan members you know? -Boofer,Ekim,Stoned Elf, VNG mitch, D a n ie l, vng kneeled, vng tomato, david, thurendel,Panic Tab few more just can't think Are you in the VnG CC during your playtime hours? -yes If 110+, are you willing to do some clan warring? -yes How much PvP experience do you have in P2P? How much PvP experience do you have in F2P? -some none, would like to learn more Which of the 3 Factions do you find most interesting? -PVE and PVM Why did you choose Vanguard over other clans? -i like the requirements and a lot of people i know are in vng How do you feel about honor clans? -totally for them Why should we allow you to join? What will you bring to Vanguard? -the best of my ability to go to as many events and participate in as many pvp trips as possible Summary about yourself: -i play rs and work thats about my life a the moment Come clean: Is there something in your past that might deter us from accepting you? Honesty will get you further than a cover up. -only thing i don't like that i did in the past was bot in pre EOC but the past is the past, i was a dumb kid ya know Finally, join our public discord and insert a screenshot. Please use your RSN as your discord name. (You can change your server name by right clicking your current name.) -https://gyazo.com/a3a7214a8ab142de043ffdf5105114d4 Screen capture yourself in our character build. (This is not mandatory but highly encouraged.) - If your introduction gets accepted a topic will be created for you to track your progress. You will need to check and update this topic often. Do you acknowledge this? -