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  1. 5 to go. time for smithing
  2. welcome. hope too see you apply for full member some day
  3. so little known fact about brendan i play the drums, been playing since i was 13 and its one of the best parts of my life. with that said i have a very wide range of music that i love to play/listen to. really enjoy these rock bands: rush, led zeppelin, god smack, avenged sevenfold, senses fail, a day to remember, atreyu, sublime, emerson lake and palmer, foo fighters, yes, lynard skynard, pink floyd.. list goes on. also a fan of rap, love the instrumentals. heres a few rappers i like, machine gun kelly, tech nine, rittz,kevin gates,lil wyte, nos, wiz kalifah, lil dicky, i also enjoy a good amount of drum and bass/trance. don't have any clue on artist for this one but this is the stuff to grind xp too.
  4. keep them laps up
  5. nice
  6. gz bro
  7. gzz mane
  8. welcome bro
  9. good job
  10. clicked on this thinking you got a tbow, good troll, nice drop tho
  11. looked like a good time
  12. only 3 steps also thats beast
  13. https://gyazo.com/4de18153820babc3ad1e5ff235d67989 1 more lvl
  14. I'm on the drums, if you give it a listen would be much appreciated.