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  1. 5 to go. time for smithing
  2. will not be signing up if already 99 in the picked skill. hope its not a problem
  3. welcome. hope too see you apply for full member some day
  4. nice app. good luck, hope too see you do some pvp work in person.
  5. so little known fact about brendan i play the drums, been playing since i was 13 and its one of the best parts of my life. with that said i have a very wide range of music that i love to play/listen to. really enjoy these rock bands: rush, led zeppelin, god smack, avenged sevenfold, senses fail, a day to remember, atreyu, sublime, emerson lake and palmer, foo fighters, yes, lynard skynard, pink floyd.. list goes on. also a fan of rap, love the instrumentals. heres a few rappers i like, machine gun kelly, tech nine, rittz,kevin gates,lil wyte, nos, wiz kalifah, lil dicky, i also enjoy a good amount of drum and bass/trance. don't have any clue on artist for this one but this is the stuff to grind xp too.
  6. keep them laps up
  7. nice account, looks like ul be another great addition to the clan, welcome
  8. nice
  9. gz bro
  10. Current RSN & Preffered name? -Brendan Time, Brendan Discord ID? -Brendan time#6015 To the best of your memory, list all previous RSNs: -never changed. Country and Timezone? - United States, Central Previous clan & teams? Please be as specific as possible! (List ALL of your history, list your obtained ranking and why you left these clans.) -Restless Pvm, Embrace Pvm both clans closed down due to leadership How did you find us? / Who recruited you? - stoned elf List 2 people who are willing to refer you to join the clan. Also, list any others you may know in Vanguard. -Venenatis, Vng Kneeled, Stoned elf, Mitch Gate, Panic Tab, Vng adrian, Vng reck, warlord mike, lily, How much PvP experience do you have in P2P? How much PvP experience do you have in F2P? -little to none but would like to get better Why do you want to join Vanguard? (proper reply required) - For a community that stands by each other and can pass the time with one another. Vng has been a part of my runescape life for a little over a year now and its been great every time i get to chat or boss with you guys. all i can say i want to join vanguard cause i get all the people that are here and its a great fit for me. What will you bring to Vanguard? (proper reply required) -i think i would be a strong member of the community not only with knowledge of the game that i love to share but my want to get better as a team player in scrimmages and wars. Do you have a microphone & do you plan to use it? -yes, yes Do you share your account with anyone, if so who? -no Summary about yourself & your goals: (proper reply required) -long time scaper love to smoke weed and play the drums. my main goal is to max before november 2018 Come clean: Is there something in your past that might deter us from accepting you? Honesty will get you further than a cover up. -i left a pizza in my bedroom for 2 days i got really baked and i ate the remaining pieces. nothing bad done on runescape though Read all the topics in the forum section called "Information". Enter code word here: coffee Discord : https://gyazo.com/0418ca750f9a6838670a3dccf60ca86a PvP Tab: (still upgrading) https://gyazo.com/ffe8a38b6b0986f169f08d04b584091b Clan Uniform: https://gyazo.com/ac974e7e39e78f541612b6f6776d1c37 Shitty Stats: https://gyazo.com/c875041d891b5d697c6758556711762d
  11. gzz mane
  12. welcome and good luck