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  1. Free smoke Gj gang
  2. Good to see you around again Aaron.
  3. Yeah I don't care for them either but that was a great video
  4. Good for him
  5. Looked like easy money good job gang
  6. Ez sweep good job gang
  7. Big gzz @robbiboi strong achievement
  8. Wow. I'm envious but gzz anyway sick pet
  9. Was alot of fun!
  10. Great job gang
  11. I'm not really a baseball fan, but I remember watching 2011 series we were going to lose on game 6 but won in overtime to take it all in game 7 was really fun to watch it happen
  12. Unfortunate, they were good opponents for CWA and one of the few open to F2P
  13. Beezleblunts - NA