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  1. Good job gang. Easy clear.
  2. Nice vid I love pure pking!
  3. I choose option 13, though Harry Potter will always have a place in my heart
  4. Beautiful effort from everyone. We showed them we can contend with the likes of them!
  5. That's pretty savage
  6. 12 because I don't like coffee x_X
  7. Nice job Khan you tanked well and the video was awesome
  8. 1) Shift manager at Panera Bread on SLU campus. 2) Job is easy, my associates are all students so we get along well, I also eat for free. 3) It's the service industry and I hate it, pay isn't the most desirable, we are always busy af, and my boss is an idiot.
  9. Amazing luck gang! Gzz @c h a v a you absolutely crushed it!
  10. Welcome and gl