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  1. Wow, now thats some desication. Grats man.
  2. Grats man! Smashing it!
  3. Ref'd! Really nice guy, always active, will be awesome as a Com Member
  4. Vee Enn Jee for the win
  5. So, apart from your current home nation, where on Earth would you live, if you could literally live ANYWHERE? For me, Queensland, Australia. Absolutely beautiful country, with amazing weather and beaches, plus I have family over there, which is a billy bonus.
  6. Hey man, welcome! I’ll look forward to scaping with you!
  7. Hey man, #GMTUNTILIDIE
  8. Working on Kandarin Hard for Seers Teleport
  9. Welcome buddy! Hope you enjoy it here and apply 👍
  10. Gratz young one.
  11. Was an easy fight. Should of cleared them within ten minutes, but for some reason it never happened. One death for me, mainly because I was sniped entire fight.
  12. More enjoyable to watch, a lot less rolling around on the floor just because somebody looked in their direction.
  13. I watch proper football, league 1! Scunthorpe United, should come around 6th. Premiership: 1st Man City 2nd Man utd 3rd Spurs