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  1. +1 fo lyfe
  2. Jesus, this dude has ultimate patience. RC is officially the worst skill to ever exist.
  3. VR got dick slapped!
  4. Proud of you man! Keep it up, remember to discord message me if you need to borrow anything.
  5. Good man! Keep up this progress buddy!
  6. Urrrm ok then.
  7. Really enjoyed it!
  8. Well played buddy!
  9. Wow man, hell of a challenge! Good luck!
  10. Was fun! Not sure how Mogtime declared RoT winners when Rev and CT were still out fighting.
  11. Ah fair one, I don’t really see AEST wilderness. RoT just seem to hit a clan then disperse again, like when they hit CT, then just go back to doing whatever it is RoT members do (I imagine they just walk around telling everybody about their DMM wins).
  12. This, you'll easily find small teams to fight at Rev's, and single pking is still going strong. However not many clans actually pk anymore. CT/Rev/VnG/Avalon are maybe the only few clans that really PK. For all their shit sides, DK added to the wild activity as well.
  13. M for me, a good burger always beats a good pizza.
  14. RIP F2P, I’ll always remember the fun fights I had 😢