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  1. Go Flyers
  2. Awesome job everyone , Hopefully soon here just have prayer left.
  3. Have a zerker few quests off barrows.
  4. Fun trip, and bank loot was made.
  5. Welcome back Weaponz
  6. being from Boston and hating the patriots this game was fun to watch.
  7. No, its a useless degree with no benefits work wise from it.
  8. At the time was around 15 ish favorite bands were Slipknot and i just took the names an smashed them together an got Slipsoul.
  9. Boston
  10. Freiza saga my favorite. Fav char .. vegeta , gotenks (trunks/goten fusion) and frieza
  11. Are you in the vng discord ? idk really how to use haha.
  12. I'm def in.
  13. Was a good fight as much as i hate Mayweather can't deny he is a great fighter it came down to he knows how to pace himself good an Mcgregor got winded.
  14. Not huge on soccer but I have always like Wayne Rooney for some reason lol.