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  1. two my main 126 , then a lvl 96 zerker.
  2. nice, i have gotten a few eternal's off my zerker pking but none with main yet.
  3. Raiders , but we are awful and traded away all are players.
  4. When i was younger favorite bands were Slipknot and Soulfly so just combinded them.
  5. First clan was in was LOH - Legacy of Honour , was more of a community that skilled and pked then moved on to... Unleashed Pain , Demolition X , Red Army and now Vanguard.
  6. Go Flyers
  7. Awesome job everyone , Hopefully soon here just have prayer left.
  8. Have a zerker few quests off barrows.
  9. Fun trip, and bank loot was made.
  10. being from Boston and hating the patriots this game was fun to watch.
  11. No, its a useless degree with no benefits work wise from it.
  12. At the time was around 15 ish favorite bands were Slipknot and Soulfly...so i just took the names an smashed them together an got Slipsoul.
  13. Boston
  14. Freiza saga my favorite. Fav char .. vegeta , gotenks (trunks/goten fusion) and frieza
  15. Are you in the vng discord ? idk really how to use haha.