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  1. Not the real Jay Cutler, declined Welcome to the forums
  2. Well done! You'll have your slayer helm in no time
  3. Well done! Construction is such an awesome skill that is such a pain to train up
  4. How I imagine all applicants feel when settling for VR:
  5. Welcome to the forums Eric!
  6. Hey babe, wanna ditch this Falador pub for some KBD and chill?
  7. Congratz Dunkz, awesome achievement! Looks like you'll add max melee in a very short time
  8. VR smashed by a PvM clan
  9. Now you gotta grab your bronze axe and canoe up from Lumby
  10. Well done! Race to that 99 before the acne covered reddit EHP warriors riot outside Jagex HQ and force a nerf.
  11. :)

    Welcome! You always seemed like a good guy, hope you enjoy the community!
  12. Fluffy boi