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  1. Thanks for the fun! Managed to snag the second sceptre and pet Rocky on the same evening! I wasn’t quite able to get 99, but I’ll have that complete tonight. I look forward to the next one!
  2. Gratz big nerdo
  3. That's my boy! Congratz Scumpy
  4. This man is one of the greats! Glad you decided to intro, I think the community will for you well!
  5. Lil David got the Big woods
  6. Kevin, dang!
  7. Simple question, what do you like drinking at those moment? Craft beer, all the margaritas What do you like drinking when you wake up? Coffee What do you like drinking when you eat? Water What do you like drinking when you play games / watch movies? Water mostly, maybe a beer depending on the night What do you like drinking when going to a party / Bar? Around this time of year, Christmas ales. Otherwise IPAs
  8. Drinking and driving
  9. Only one that matters...
  10. Never been a fan of Teamspeak or IRC. Discord is my go to and Teamspeak is uninstalled. I did enjoy Swiftkit back in the day, but IRC is outdated and I doubt any relevant clans use it.
  11. A manatee, so my blubber would be more appreciated
  12. This guy is a legit psychopath