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  1. Me after switching from Splatoon, where shooting the ground is encouraged, to an actual FPS game
  2. Well done, you definitely aren’t skipping leg day! 10 more won’t be so bad
  3. I’d be interested, especially in the realm of Ironman related things.
  4. The last time Smithing was chosen...
  5. Mindhunter The 100 Brooklyn 9 9 Evil Genius The Punisher The Office for the 15362846474 time
  6. Your account is looking great! You’ve knocked out most of the real time consuming skills. I wonder what CML estimates your number of hours to max
  7. Awesome job! That didn’t take you long at all!
  8. Welcome Carlos! It’s been great having you in the clan chat .
  9. I just finished off Fishing over the weekend. Rip!
  10. M - love me a good burger every now and again
  11. 99

    Birthday boy with big birthday boy gains, Gratz!
  12. I ain’t watching this shit, the wounds from 2016 still too fresh.
  13. Congratz Josh, you’ve been working hard