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  1. I would try it out and see how many you can loot in an hour. The animation to move the sarcaphagus takes awhile so it may slow down the trip. It may cost you more time than it's worth. That being said, it has the same sceptre drop rate in every room, 1/1,000.
  2. With the current exp/hour at pyramid plunder you could play casually and get 91 in about a week. You could also mobile train at ardy knights on the side. If you dont get the sceptre by the time you're close to 91, start camping the grand chests on floors 1-4 over and over. Good luck
  3. CLUE SCROLL HUNT RECAP Two weeks ago, three teams set out to hunt down the greatest treasure to be found in the realm of Runescape. One team persevered through famine, toxicity, and World of Warcraft while the others failed to step up in the time of need. Area 51 came out on top with a whopping 153 points, which included 2 Ranger boot sets, 6 other medium clue boots and 40 higher priced god pages. The competition came down to the last hour of clue hunting with Team Urethra Franklin up by 4 points. The man himself, @Donald Trump, came in clutch with 7 points in about 20 minutes to take the lead. Big Congratulations to Team Area 51 for a huge comeback win after being down by over 50 points after the first week. The winners will take home the prize of 51 million gp on top of the loot they already made. Thank you to all those who participated! Nearly everybody was able to snag some points over the 2 weeks. This was a new idea for Vanguard and it was definitely a success. The scoring system was completely new and I know there were some flaws with the scoring that will be more balanced out in the future. Overall, I've already gotten a lot of great feedback for future clue scroll events. The winners: @Mike - 42 points @Alexa - 51 points @Donald Trump - 21 points @Cody - 19 points @Anubis - 20 points Here is a breakdown of the scores: Team Area 51 - 153 points Team Urethra Franklin - 143 points Team Pack Yak - 35 points This was my first clue completion of the competition, which was the only clue to hit the mega rare drop table. Unfortunately I got noted potions. Some of the good loots along the way: ] I'm going to cry myself to sleep
  4. G of course!
  5. I was pleasantly surprised by Solo so I might consider seeing this.
  6. One more to go!!!
  7. Option E - Corgis Option F - Shiba Inus I tag @O G Piggy for options G & H, must be gaming related. You have until @AnnieRyouOK flames you for not posting soon enough
  8. Congrats Annie
  9. Levels are going real SLOW, should be 98 mining this week!!
  10. Option C, the fish will watch while you have a ton of sex in that place
  11. Smol? More like Swol man pk
  12. A!!! They are called mozzarella sticks you uncultured swine!
  13. Nobody is safe in the wilderness with Supreme Leader Cody pulling the strings
  14. Mfw I see people die at corp so I have a better chance of getting the drop
  15. Today we reached the final milestone before max: 2,200. 77 levels to go. From here on out, there are few easy levels left. This is the farthest I've ever taken an account and I fully intend on maxing. It certainly feels like a long way to go, but after looking over some of my skill tabs, we're in pretty good shape. It will all depend on my ability to knock out skills like Hunter and Agility early on. 96/99 Mining Currently AFKing Motherlode Mine to 99. I intend to get 99 by the end of August. Maybe, just maybe I will obtain a Dragon Pickaxe before getting 99 . 90/99 Smithing I have 94 Smithing banked, will likely get closer to 97 by the time I hit 99 Mining. The remaining levels will be gold bought from Blast Furnace. While I'm not particularly fond of blast furnace, I can AFK Cannonballs or even gold ore while on mobile. 88/99 Construction: I have all the logs currently banked for 99 Construction which will cost me 56mil and 3,070 Butler trips to the sawmill. POH Plank Making is a pretty horrible activity, but I intend to do ~5k every couple of days to get this banked over time. I dread the entire grind, despite the grind and the fact that the Construction skillcape is the most useful cape in the game. 92/99 Herblore: Currently have the herbs for 95 Herblore, but still require time to gather secondaries. The amylase from future agility levels and Divination potions should add a nice little boost along the way. I also intend to get 99 Hunter via Herbiboar. The number of herb runs per day will be increasing to ~5 over the next month in order to bank 99. With kingdom, casual raids, and farming, this skill should be pretty easy to finish. 86/99 Prayer: I will be spending quite a bit of time at the Wilderness altar while also taking advantage of the free 39 bonemeal conversions per day. I need ~19,000 dragon bones to finish prayer. 86/99 Agility: 554 laps at the Kandarin Course and 11,428 laps on the Ardougne course. My goal will be grind the fuck out of this skill around October or November. 88/99 Runecrafting: Only 357,000 Blood runes for 99, nothing crazy Will likely craft some Wrath runes when I can for raids 91/99 Hunter: Herbiboar is actually pretty fun and much more tolerable than chinchompas. 97/99 Ranged: Will be done through casual slayer, raids and bossing. These final two levels are the easiest levels I have left. I will be tracking my levels and updating my skill tabs here as I progress