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  1. 126 main, 125 nmz main, 122 iron...yikes
  2. After you were removed from Vanguard, I continued to use your OSBuddy Pro account for another 6 months
  3. Congratz bud, you've come a helluva long way since making your way into the VNG
  4. Good luck!
  5. Excited to have received this pet before 85 Agility
  6. Well done to all the big gainers! I have done a dishonor to my family by not achieving EHP
  7. Well done, you have gone and passed me up you bastard
  8. What a beast!
  9. As a totally unbiased baseball fan, it was pretty nice seeing the Cubs get beat on back to back nights in their own stadium.
  10. R, spiders actually do some good, keeping out mosquitos and what not. If I wanted my garbage torn apart I'd choose Q
  11. Me after switching from Splatoon, where shooting the ground is encouraged, to an actual FPS game
  12. Well done, you definitely aren’t skipping leg day! 10 more won’t be so bad
  13. I’d be interested, especially in the realm of Ironman related things.