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  1. Can I get a 1.3m+? edit: this was a 5 kill trip, i didnt realize the post above was from 6 kills.
  2. Thanks everyone! Slow but steady progress, havent killed as much vork as i wanted to but heres an update 1m+ trips are always nice : ) Lets go for 1.1m+!
  3. Hello all! I decided im going to grind it out for a skeletal visage drop at vorkath, but with a minor twist. I will not sell my Vorkath loot tab until i get a vissy drop! (well see about that part haha) Started this loot tab at just about 495-500 kc, didnt think to take the screenie of my 500th kc Will be adding progress pics as i go. And will add random trip loot pics as i go. I will try to keep on 1-uping myself with highest loot non-unique 5 kill trips. Feel free to add your own vorkath pics if you gottem!
  4. Thats sick! grats
  5. Thanks guys!
  6. Thanks everyone!
  7. RSN? - The Goomba Tell us about yourself (proper reply required) - 24, Rob. Work at Uniform Rental Company, Army National Guard. Was a Previous trial member, then clan friend. Like Working out, being outdoors, having fun and drinking beer : ) I wrote alot more in my clan intro, so check that out : ) How did you hear about Vanguard? - From Ray awhile back. I used to be a trial member in 2017 then a clan friend, but went inactive and now back at it. More info in my intro. Screen-shot of you in our discord: https://gyazo.com/ac26a9e98b9cceefedddd3a12ecc5fb0 - Who are your 2 refferals? - Vene, for now. How do you aim to take part in Vanguard's community? I would like to aid you all in Pking : ) Eventually learn raids also. I really want to get good at tribriding aswell and being a better pker overall. Whatever you guys need. Vene asked me to get a PK tab ready so here it is: https://gyazo.com/4d7130f90f6d97ef1407fb6399c3444e https://gyazo.com/e356855fea77e4285d1e5a76623469ee https://gyazo.com/dd0f25a45b71e66510fa55b77b817e7b Looking forward to having fun with you all again!
  8. Thank you
  9. Hello VnG! This is my 2nd Intro. I intro'd and became a trial member a while back, and also was a clan friend for a bit. Then went inactive. and now ive been playing a bit more often. When i was a trail/clan friend i think i had like 50 quest points, haha. Nothing unlocked, DT wasnt even done lmao. All i had was 99 range, decent defence and rigour. I remember we were doing a FTP fight and i couldn't wear a rune platebody, it was hella embarrasing lmao. Since then got 206 qp and not as nooby : ) , but still a little bit. I really liked Pking with you all when i did. I went on maybe a dozen or so pk trips with you guys back when i was a trial/clan friend. Really enjoyed how organized you guys were during pks and the really good call outs. You guys have a laid back attitude, but serious when needed and at the right time. So honestly I am just looking to become a Community Member/Clan friend again. I really like my current build as range tank, but do plan on getting 90 str for some melee capabilities. I really want to stay at the 110-113 combat mark as i do enjoy w25 pking and dont have the time to make a full fledged alt. At 111 combat i should have 99 Range,99 def, 77 pray, 99 hp, 95-99 mage, 75 att, 90 str. I want to get good at Tribrid aswell. Besides OSRS I enjoy being outdoors, working out, drinking beer with buddies, ect : ) Need any workout advice i got ya. Also in the Army National Guard, so if you got any military questions i also go ya : ) Thanks, looking forward to having fun with you all again.
  10. Was a blast! We should pk more often : )