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  1. 42-14 Rams
  2. Cool to see some f2p. Gj
  3. This is the new clan retirement home. All inactives turn up!
  4. I'd be interested
  5. Probably Greece or Italy. Both are beautiful areas and the people aren't too horrible. I'd have to live somewhere near the ocean for sure.
  6. I've posted some stupid ass shit in my day, but damn this is bad.
  7. TY to the Duck for leaking this footage to me from his immense spy network.
  8. I still have no idea what that name meant or even how to pronounce it.
  9. Some of my personal favorite fights. Nothing monumental or anything, but special to me Downfall Vs. Rune Raiders. There was a lot of beef leading up to this fight and it was squashed right then. I loaded up on Gravites and D'hide coifs for this fight and only died once sniping all war.
  10. Looks the same to me.
  11. Boy was he ugly
  12. Grats on the action. Nice to see you guys do well. Just be careful beefing. Never turns out good.
  13. What's good Vanguard?

  14. First ever was Generation Hex back in 04. Was a community clan of just friends. First pvp clan was Downfall back in 08. Joined with some friends after Sparze 'died'. I think the closest to me (126) was Amateurnoob at 118 cb back then. Lots of great friendships made back then. I'd imagine if I stayed with that crew I might have ended up in VR. Thank god for that.