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  1. Some ugly clans on that list but if Nancy says you're aight we cool
  2. This is the new clan retirement home. All inactives turn up!
  3. I don't think VNG needs a perm spearer
  4. Welcome aboard. I definitely understand having irl keep ya from being active. Cool to see you giving it a chance instead of hiding like me
  5. Lilly do you love me Will you rank me I will never ever spam up the forums Cause I'm xMike And I'm down to posttttt
  6. Won't accept till I see a dedicated kiki dance video.
  7. Hi, my name is Mike. I have 1300 total level and I still don't have a life. We'll be friends!
  8. Damn I always thought you were like 40. Congrats on the marriage
  9. I'd be interested
  10. Rain drop Icedrop Will these rsd recruits ever stop stop?
  11. Probably Greece or Italy. Both are beautiful areas and the people aren't too horrible. I'd have to live somewhere near the ocean for sure.
  12. Sorry. This clan has a strict No Floridians rule.
  13. I've posted some stupid ass shit in my day, but damn this is bad.
  14. I remember you from Forsaken fights. Good luck in the green scene!