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  1. Looks like you guys got a lot of drops!
  2. Yeah fuck you
  3. I have yet to get any pet, but I’m not really concerned with them. Baby mole would be nice to get eventually
  4. Decided to finish this skill finally. No Rocky pet though rip #7 COMPLETED!
  5. Nice loot guys
  6. yeah not sure about this pre release stuff think its just rumour
  8. After Mobile is released I believe we will see Jagex being able to allot more time to other projects what do you think the next big update or project will be for the OSRS dev team?
  9. I preordered it, but no download as of yet
  10. tryna get post count? lul
  11. welcome, honestly expected a picture of a pitbull
  12. 99!

    Gz man you're getting there!