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  1. Its there under magic I also got ei cause im pro
  2. Well I mean Im (pretty much) max combat haha also the few raids Ive done I was fine until olm. This is just a list for me to work on
  3. Thanks for suggestions, added those as "upgrades" instead of base items needed to raid
  4. Hello everyone , I wanted to start a goal thread for items I need before I can efficiently do raids. Let me know if there's anything I should add to the list or let me know of any suggestions you have! Key: Done Started Not Obtained Skills/Other: 90+ Magic 78 Herblore Rune Pouch Dragon Pickaxe Augury Rigour Melee: Void Elite Void top/bottom Dragon Warhammer (I have bgs) Tent Whip Dragon Defender Fire Cape Berserker Ring (i) Amulet of Torture Dragon Sword < Zamorakian Hasta Dboots < Primordial Boots Range: Void Blessed D'hide Boots < Pegasians Necklace of Anguish Archers Ring (i) Blowpipe DCB < Armadyl Crossbow Avas Assembler Magic: Ahrims Tormented Bracelet Occult Mage Arena 2 Trident of the Swamp Mage Book Salve Ammy (ie)
  5. 99 and i still dont have rocky
  6. Where did wobbi go? miss him
  7. gz boys
  8. might have to try out the chainmace i havent been to revs in a min
  9. does that setup risk defender?
  10. One of the best updates for sure looking forward to filling it up
  11. Welcome to VNG!
  12. I love how most of the corp pics are people planking Lol
  13. I like this idea lets keep it up
  14. One, dont have time for more