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  1. Mike, you ok there man? lol
  2. damn bank those 99s boy
  3. I take anything coffee flavored anytime
  4. 2 ez
  5. Will do, going to get that 99 hp, def and range coming up
  6. Congrats everyone! Looking forward to the future of VNG
  7. psshhh max account max gear now do it on a lvl 3. jk gz man
  8. Latest!
  9. I gotta do mm2 and ds2 before then, but ya raids has helped my bank out so far, got 94 mage banked and working on training range as well.
  10. Yes pls jamflex already
  11. Was away for a few days on business driving 300 miles a day. I have to say I enjoy driving, but not to super rural places that have no wifi and I can't play RS But now Im back and can actually play so who wants to boss? haha
  12. Baskertball, inherently harder for shorter people. I guess the same can be said for almost any sport, but I feel like college basketball is better than NBA for some reason.
  13. Also idk why forums wont post pic, maybe size too big
  14. https://i.imgur.com/71xHu4u.png
  15. Haha gz dude 60+ rc is aids to me idk why