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  1. Keep up the good work!
  2. This guy is awesome!
  3. Des(from lethal blades) is a noob. I was in them too
  4. Hey buddy
  5. Ha
  6. I see you around. Good luck
  7. Go get em
  8. How exciting
  9. Good luck. You have nice RNG
  10. What do you think if streamers hosted more CWA events? The activity early morning Saturday was awesome!
  11. I hope this will be a good time to enjoy CWA and find out if there will be any Christmas surprises. It would be nice if there were more clans but hopefully there will be less drama. Who am I kidding? Seeing clans who normally wouldn't fight each other, serves as a nice barometer and see how far some of these clans have come. I can not wait to see who I'll be forced to fight in this years tournament!
  12. Have you ever been cleaned before? I recently came back and I am on the rebuild. Di wasn't cool enough to eat me mace with them so I need to kill green dragons instead. After quitting for the 9th time, you figure that I would leave some behind for safe measure. Oh well, I am not I am not the first one to get cleaned, so is there anyone in your clan who is always cleaned either it be from the arena or rage quitting?
  13. I did not know that a Jmod was in Rot, just shows how connected I really am to this community. I think that it sucks that he had to leave his clan but at the same time it is tough to defend a clan with heavy allegations against them. Although the situation is bullshit, I would love if more jmods were involved. If more jmods joined clans, would it actually help? Politics aside, the situation is shitty altogether but will Jagex have involvement in clans on a micro level in the future?