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  1. RIP
  2. Sick job guys
  3. Been there many times, especially when I was younger.. Thankfully I don't drink that much in general anymore, but I still have it from time to time. Good luck recovering haha
  4. Gl, seen you around various clans. You seem to enjoy any type of community, so you should be fine
  5. Gj on clean action mates
  6. Good stuff, what does TB stand for? Is it a new clan or?
  7. Good luck in here. Despite our differences in the past, I hope you stick around for VNG as you have a lot of experience which could be helpful for the people here
  8. Big loot boys, keep it up!
  9. Good stuff dudes
  10. Welcome dude, assume you are into bodybuilding?
  11. Damn that's nice, congrats bro
  12. Good stuff, good to see you are finally getting the hang of smitings kiddos for bank
  13. 3x most friendly damn, don't think anyone can make you angry then haha