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  1. Congrats and good luck bro!
  2. May start to play again soon. Always been a good game, classic was nice, but I look forward to battle for azeroth as well.
  3. Runescape / World of Warcraft
  4. Congrats bro, good luck on the last skills!
  5. 10, cheetos #1
  6. Sup Cody
  7. Seems like a quite decent trip, gj
  8. This isn't the original one, the original one is a friend of me, who was leader of GS and TRWF indeed. Real Ixy quit around 2011, so the name probably got taken with the name releases half a year ago or so. Good luck with your application, Discord will help you to get to know people, even when you are not scaping
  9. Name: 'VnG Special' You really are special... For the record, nobody cried. You post a load of vids, I do the same. Stop whining, get over the fact that both of our clans are dead. I honestly don't give a fuck about past clanbeef, you seem to do. Guess some things never change
  10. Ahh yes @Naito I used youtube search option as well Ya'll salty about all these dead clans, one of you kids even made an account just to post on this Get over it fam, all our clans are dead, nobody gives a fuck anymore about them
  11. Legendary haha
  12. Are you the guy who had those awkward speeches back in the days? Funny as fuck I remember a name with zerofear in it. Then again, may not be you as that's easy over 10 years ago I think? If not earlier, I've been in clanworld since 2004 so yeah. Figured you have experience since you said 'I can bring a lot to the table'. Welcome to Vanguard
  13. Ahh yes Wee Man, I remember our fights against Ronin, last ones are already over a year ago :# Gud days, too bad we both dead as fuck Will never forget your leader Robinhood, such a clown.. similar to how we had Jacky at that time
  14. Posted this on FSK/DI boards a while ago, but haven't posted here. What is your all time favourite RS vid? Can be clanning related, but can also be anything random. Mine: It's not the original video, saw that one around ~2007. It's nothing really special, but the escape is just amazing as fuck