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  1. Good stuff dudes
  2. Welcome dude, assume you are into bodybuilding?
  3. Damn that's nice, congrats bro
  4. Good stuff, good to see you are finally getting the hang of smitings kiddos for bank
  5. 3x most friendly damn, don't think anyone can make you angry then haha
  6. Seems like a fun event guys
  7. Gj on clearing VR/DF guys, seems like a feast. Nice pull as well
  8. Oh shit, is this the Tae I know? Hit me up on Discord fam
  9. :)

    Good guy, welcome back to Vanguard Mike
  10. Hi

    Welcome to VNG, chill in Discord/cc to get to know people
  11. Oh boy, welcome
  12. Hi

    Hey man, chill in Discord/cc to get to know people. Most people here play quite active in various aspects. If you are looking to get involved, this is the place to be
  13. They banned that few seasons ago I believe, not 100% sure though Gj guys, glad you have fun in DMM
  14. No timezone stops VNG, big owners
  15. Nice job dudes, glad to see unplanned action