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  1. gz man getting one in so low kc feelsgoodman
  2. it was fun gz on the dex tho lmao
  3. gl dude
  4. idk m8 seems like you dont know shit too many idks so idk fam u tell me hi anyway but idk
  5. gj vng
  6. fuck i entirely forgot about this! i'll post em anyway but idk if they will count or not but idm =p
  7. i didnt get to flame as much as i wanted to but it was fun still ^^
  8. this dude is pretty good at singles (not as good as me tho) jk but yeah i can vouch for him. Hes really good at what he does and have the motivation to grow, that's why i invited him here.
  9. it will be Argentina - Brasil
  10. it was nice
  11. gzzzzzzz
  12. welcome to VnG man@@
  13. it was easy
  14. Hi

    welcome to the forums fam
  15. welcome and gl