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  1. gratz
  2. gratz@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  3. :p

  4. i'd say do it in order like first get all the reqs for hard diarys a longside with slayer and farming (never stop farming tbh) then reqs for elite diarys while finishing your slayer at the same time. Then try to get the gathering skills out of the way like fishing with barbfishing so u can get that extra little exp on agility and then 99 agility (getting agility out of the way before other skills can be pretty usefull) i wouldn't recommend starting the rc grind without 99 agility and construction and you can even get hunter out of the way before the rc grind to buy out construction, idk.
  5. gratzz
  6. hey welcome to vng
  7. welcome to VnG, the future is here fam GL with your app.
  8. Hola
  9. lol welcome back no idea why u got kicked
  10. hello
  11. hey welcome and gl with your app
  12. 13 all the way
  13. sik

  14. THIS make it happen please! also about the war itself, i enjoy it sort of? im happy with our performance against ROT which is probably one of the best if not the best p2p clan right now. A bit mad about these people i mentioned that were sniping nonstop pissing me off alot and how they DID bring every single +1 out there to be and not just zgs and tent. But oh well, good fight anyway.
  15. 12