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  1. rip vr
  2. gz man getting one in so low kc feelsgoodman
  3. it was fun gz on the dex tho lmao
  4. idk m8 seems like you dont know shit too many idks so idk fam u tell me hi anyway but idk
  5. gj vng
  6. i didnt get to flame as much as i wanted to but it was fun still ^^
  7. it will be Argentina - Brasil
  8. it was nice
  9. gzzzzzzz
  10. welcome to VnG man@@
  11. it was easy
  12. Hi

    welcome to the forums fam
  13. damn nice trip
  14. So today i decided to sell my entire bank to buy a TBOW with a friend loan of 150m ending up with this: i asked a friend to let me borrow some of his ranged gear pegs and tort and went straight into the chambers of xerics with my gf and a friend of mine and the unexpected happend: sooooooooooo the rebuild was pretty easy i could say l0l but still loving the tbow, we could say it was a great idea =p
  15. rip tbh one of the coolest clan names =p