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  1. gl dude
  2. idk m8 seems like you dont know shit too many idks so idk fam u tell me hi anyway but idk
  3. gj vng
  4. fuck i entirely forgot about this! i'll post em anyway but idk if they will count or not but idm =p
  5. i didnt get to flame as much as i wanted to but it was fun still ^^
  6. this dude is pretty good at singles (not as good as me tho) jk but yeah i can vouch for him. Hes really good at what he does and have the motivation to grow, that's why i invited him here.
  7. it will be Argentina - Brasil
  8. it was nice
  9. gzzzzzzz
  10. welcome to VnG man@@
  11. it was easy
  12. Hi

    welcome to the forums fam
  13. welcome and gl
  14. damn nice trip
  15. So today i decided to sell my entire bank to buy a TBOW with a friend loan of 150m ending up with this: i asked a friend to let me borrow some of his ranged gear pegs and tort and went straight into the chambers of xerics with my gf and a friend of mine and the unexpected happend: sooooooooooo the rebuild was pretty easy i could say l0l but still loving the tbow, we could say it was a great idea =p