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  1. was ezpz
  2. grats bro, range next?
  3. !rclvl Quadsweep
  4. raccoons are the crackheads of the animal kingdom
  5. very str0ng of you pur3 str0ng
  6. just me and my bae
  7. Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord On this fine tuesday evening, the most active, most completed clan in went out in the wilderness. As soon as Vanguard's 28 warriors entered the revenant caves our lootation detectors were ringing off the charts. The cave was empty of any dishonorable clans that rarely pk which allowed VNG to reign supreme. Bullying small mans and lil cards stream left us feasting for 2 hours. Pics
  8. man they had the best sigs
  9. oooooweeeeee
  10. i tear up a bit everytime i read