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  1. Hey, were you ever in TF? Your names familiar
  2. Good Luck
  3. sik

  4. Haha, thanks. Yea it's a weird combo
  5. Hi Everyone, Just thought I would say Hello! As I have been hanging about your guys cc and discord. My name on osrs is Nae Danger, I use to be known back in the day as Champ 09 until my account was banned in 2007. I was apart of The futures between 04 - 06 then got the reqs to graduate into The clan instead ended up having a brief spell in a magebank clan called Dark Ascension (My dates could be off was a long time ago). Now I'm back to playing osrs currently training up to get back to the pvp scene as soon as possible, I see the p2p scene is looking active! I'm still a noob as can be seen from my stats below: Anyways hopefully have the reqs soon and I'll get to know more of you while I train away. *Off topic* Any Arsenal supporters here? #COYG
  6. looks good
  7. Nice one!
  8. Gratz!
  9. Nice team name...
  10. Gratz dude
  11. Wow good job
  12. Beg at the GE, got 8 mil from a random who apparently gives away 20mil a day. His rsn is King Stank22 if you ever see him at GE asking for a trade, I would recommend trading him.
  13. Nice job
  14. Sick, thought I recognized your names.