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@Venenatis    1,819


Vanguard is a clan that strives to separate itself from every other clan and how they do business. We are not a group that believes in competition to the point where it drives us apart. We are not a group that believes the ultimate goal of this game is to win. We are a group that believes the driving force that brings the most value to your time is a thriving, positive community. We seek to be that place that keeps you coming back to Runescape. These are our rules, if you cannot respect them you should look elsewhere. 


Warning breaking any of these rules may result in your removal from VnG!

Respect your clanmates. Banter is one thing, but taking it too far is quite another. Be respectful of one another and know when to draw the line with banter and jokes. Do not antagonize or bully other clanmates.


Respect all Runescape players. keep in mind that every RS player is a real person behind their monitor. Banter is one thing, but know when to draw the line. Personal attacks, threats, or bullying of any RS player will not be tolerated regardless of clan rivalry.


Any targeting of other players outside of the game (DDoS Attacks, Doxing, Hacking) is not permitted under any circumstances and will result in your immediate removal from the clan. No exceptions.


Community Events such as PK Trips, PVM Masses and PVE Events are optional. HOWEVER, you will be asked to maintain activity by attending events and being active in-game, failure to do so will result in removal.


Sensitive clan information is to be kept secret. Sharing information about our event schedule, TeamSpeak server, or other private information will result in your immediate removal from the clan. No exceptions.


Follow ALL the rules of Runescape found here. - link to


Being a part of any main clan alongside Vanguard is prohibited. There are a few circumstances under which we may allow it such as a pure clan, PVE clan, PVM clan and Cultural Communities or Country Clans. PVP with other clans is not allowed. If you need further clarification on our multi-clanning policies, please contact an official. 

  • No account sharing with anyone outside of Vanguard. 
  • You must maintain activity each week, please inform Officials of inactivity.
  • Do not post illegal content on the forums. 
  • Do not crash or rag another clan unless you are instructed to do so by the leader.
  • Never do anything that would reflect poorly on Vanguard.
  • Keep politics/religion out of the public CC & discord.
  • Use TeamSpeak for controversial discussions such as politics/religion, etc.


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