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Breaking any of these will result in a strike or kick

  • Respect everyone in the clan, especially ranks. While we appreciate constructive criticism, we do not tolerate blatant disrespect. Do not bait nor flame anyone with Trial rank or above.
  • All events are optional if you are online, except for Wars. If you are online and we have a War then its mandatory to attend.
  • Do not discuss our event times, mass locations, share Teamspeak details or any other private information with anyone outside of Vanguard. Failure to uphold this will result in a ban from the clan.
  • Abide by and uphold all of Jagex' rules. This includes botting, RWT, account buying/selling, and more. Failure to do so as a member will result in being stripped of member status immediately.
  • Please remember to maintain proper etiquette in our public chat channels. Racism, political affiliation, religious, sexual conduct, and drug discussion is against our rules. Whilst we love to joke around, act immaturely, troll each other etc. We hold each other accountable for pushing those boundaries. Do not be surprised if you are warned for consistently saying the N word, talking about drug use, or your personal political beliefs. 
  • Under no circumstance DDoS or take rivalry outside of the game.
  • Multi-clanning is not permitted in Vanguard. There are a few circumstances under which we may allow it. These include, but are not limited to being associated with any; Pure Clan, CWA Team, Community Clan and possibly a Country Clan. Joining or already being a part of any main clan alongside Vanguard is prohibited. We strive to promote close kinsmanship within our community and this cannot be done effectively if individuals hop between communities. If you need further clarification on our multi-clanning policies, please contact an official.
  • No account sharing with anyone outside of Vanguard.
  • Excessively staking can hinder the progress of your account. Whilst we are not against the dueling arena, any detection of extreme misuse or it interfering with your clan membership may result in a ban.
  • Do not post illegal content on the forums. 
  • Do not crash another clan unless you are instructed to do so by the leader.
  • Do not rag another clan unless you are instructed to do so by the leader.
  • Never do anything which would give Vanguard a negative representation. 
  • Always value honor above all else.

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