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@Mike    641

Vanguard Staff


The Founder of Vanguard, Venenatis, was the first Leader of Vanguard when it came to being on May 17th, 2015. Through Trial and Tribulation, he shaped Vanguard from a rag tag open clan chat, to a Community Powerhouse. Under his leadership, Vanguard flourished and developed into the shining example of what hard work, dedication and perseverance despite impossible odds. He is the sole owner of this rank, and it is through this that the members and staff of Vanguard pay homage to our humble beginnings and fighting spirit. Venenatis officially retired as of July 20th, 2019.

@Venenatis | Venenatis#8801 on Discord


The Leader of the clan and overall head of the Staff team, the Leader oversees the operations of the staff and events teams and is the deciding voice on all issues both large and small within the clan, while also handling discipline and community issues. The Leader is also the public figurehead, acting as the main representation for the clan. In the event the Leader is preoccupied with other issues, duties will be handled by the Executive with guidance of the Leader.

@Mike | Mike#1057 on Discord


The Executive works directly with the Leader on wide variety of different things, ranging from organizing events to processing applications. The Executive acts as a minor representative of the clan in public and has a voice within the staff team on domestic issues. The Executive acts as the second in command upon absence of the Leader.

@Pur3 Str0ng2 | Pur3 str0ng2#0870 on Discord

@Cody| Cody#7877 on Discord


The Advisor works with the staff team on most coordinating events and helping to bridge the community to outside platforms (Ex. Reddit, RS Forums). The Advisor is the key event organizer and is in charge of overseeing community morale and voicing potential improvements to the Leadership team. The Advisor acts as a moderator for public communications.


Mentor List

Mentors are outstanding members who have shown a great understanding of Vanguard's inner workings and are good at working with new members to help them adjust to how we do things here. Mentors are also a part of our Events team who work under the Advisors in addition to overseeing Trial Members & Futures on their progress tracking topics.

@Alexa | Alexa#0951 on Discord

@O G Piggy | Piggy Smalls#3329 on Discord

@Steve | Steve#6054 on Discord



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